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Nokia Mediamaster 9820 T Owner's Manual

Nokia owner's manual mediamaster 9820 t.
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Owner's Manual
9820 T
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   Summary of Contents for Nokia Mediamaster 9820 T

  • Page 1

    Bruksanvisning Owner’s Manual MEDIAMASTER 9820 T...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    General Information Programme Information The “i” (Information) Button Guide Nokia Multimedia Terminals operates a policy of continuous development. Therefore we reserve the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this manual without any prior notice.

  • Page 3: General Operation Of The Mediamaster

    • Do not remove the cover. • Do not allow the unit to be exposed to hot, cold or humid conditions. • Service should be carried out only at a Nokia Authorised Service Centre. • Please note that the only way to isolate the...

  • Page 4: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL This section describes how to operate the Mediamaster using the buttons on the remote control. Some of the functions can also be carried out using the buttons on the front panel. To switch the Mediamaster in and out of standby mode. EXIT TV To return to the viewing mode from a menu without s t o r - ing settings (in menu mode).

  • Page 5: Rear Panel

    Rear Panel Mains lead DIGITAL AUDIO 230 V AC phono connector S/PDIF output for 50-60 Hz connection to a HiFi system 230 V DIGITAL AUDIO 50 Hz AUDIO WARNING ! DO NOT OPEN – ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD 44 10285 AUDIO L R phono connectors Stereo outputs for connection to a HiFi...

  • Page 6: About The Smartcard

    ABOUT THE SMARTCARD AND CA MODULE To be able to receive terrestrial scrambled digital channels you will need a Smartcard from the Service Provider, ”Senda”. Senda is the the programme distributor. Please note that a Smartcard may only be valid for a single Serv- ice Provider and due to this, a specific range of channels.

  • Page 7: Installation Of The Mediamaster

    INSTALLATION OF THE MEDIAMASTER The box for your Mediamaster should contain the following items: • the Mediamaster • a remote control with 2 AAA batteries • a SCART lead (fully featured 1,0 metre) • an aerial/RF lead (double screened 1,5 metres) •...

  • Page 8

    • Certain outdoor antennas are pointed at an analogue slave transmitter. The roof antenna should be pointed at a digital TV transmitter. • It is not always advisable to position the antenna as high as possible. If problems arise, experiment with different antenna heights.

  • Page 9: Connecting The Mediamaster

    Connecting the Mediamaster There are many different types of TV/VCR and other equipment that you can connect to the Mediamaster. In this manual you will see some of the most common ways to connect your equipment. If you use RF leads you will have to tune your TV and VCR to the Mediamaster output channel (see page 12).

  • Page 10: Connecting An Analogue Satellite Receiver And Vcr

    Connecting an Analogue Satellite Receiver and VCR • Connect a SCART lead between the main SCART socket on the TV and the TV SCART socket on the Mediamaster. • Connect a SCART lead between the TV SCART socket on the satellite receiver and the AUX SCART socket on the Mediamaster.

  • Page 11: Tuning Procedure When Rf Connections Are Used

    Tuning Procedure when RF Connections are Used This procedure is necessary only if your Mediamaster is con- nected to the TV with an RF lead and no SCART leads are used To tune your TV to the RF signal you might also need your TV manual in addition to this manual.

  • Page 12: First Time Installation

    FIRST TIME INSTALLATION General Information Once you have correctly connected the Mediamaster, you also have to perform a “First Time Installation.” During this procedure, helpful information is displayed at the bot- tom of the menus. Please note! The OK button always confirms a selection within these menus, and pressing it will take you to the next step in the installation process.

  • Page 13: Channel Search

    FIRST TIME INSTALLATION Channel Search The Channel Search procedure can be performed in two differ- ent ways. • “Automatic Search” or “Manual Search.” Automatic Search • Start the Automatic Search on the digital terrestrial network by pressing OK. Manual Search When you perform a Manual Search you first need to enter some parameters for the channel search to work.

  • Page 14: Viewing Mode

    VIEWING MODE General Information The following describes the basic functions of your Mediamaster while watching terrestrial digital TV . Some of the functions described here are dependent on the Service Provider and can only be used if they are included in the transmitted programme information.

  • Page 15: The "i" (information) Button

    EXIT. Guide Press MENU. Select GUIDE. Press OK and you get access to the Nokia EPG which will give the titles of the current and next pro- grammes on different channels. Use the buttons to move the cursor to another programme.

  • Page 16: List Of Tv Or Radio Channels

    VIEWING MODE List of TV Channels At the channel search procedure, a Channel lists named “Chan- nels” containing all channels are created. In the “Channels” list scrambled channels are marked with a pic- ture of a Smartcard (if this information is transmitted in the sig- nal) and locked channels are marked with a padlock.

  • Page 17: Tv Release (0)

    VIEWING MODE Format If you have a TV set with a 4:3 picture format, and the transmis- sion is in 16:9, you can select Fullscreen or Letterbox to change display format. Fullscreen will fill up the screen vertically, but cut off some infor- mation from the left and right sides of the picture.

  • Page 18: Main Menu

    MAIN MENU General Information Many of the functions of the Mediamaster are available from the Main Menu. • Press MENU to open it. Channels Please refer to “List of TV channels” on page 17. Edit Channels From these menus you can create and edit channel lists. You can, among other things, create favourite lists;...

  • Page 19

    MAIN MENU Create list From here you can create your own favourite lists, containing the channels you watch most frequently. You can give each list a spe- cific name, e.g. “Sport” or “Films.” When a favourite list is selected, you see only those channels defined in the list.

  • Page 20

    MAIN MENU Select Channels From this menu you add and remove the channels in your Favour- ite Lists. You use the “All TV” list as basis to select the channels from. A channel is added or removed by pressing the OK button. The square to the right on a line will be empty for removed channels, and will contain an “x”...

  • Page 21

    MAIN MENU Rearrange Channels From here you can arrange the sequence for the channels within your favourite lists. • With , mark the channel you want to move to a new posi- tion within the list. • Press again and the right side of the marked channel will change to •...

  • Page 22: Guide

    MAIN MENU Guide • Press GUIDE to get access to the receiver’s EPG. Refer to page 16. System Configuration You will be asked to enter your access code before you can open this menu. The code is preset to 1234 from the factory. (The code can be changed from the Parental Control menu.

  • Page 23: Tv Settings

    MAIN MENU TV Settings From here you can adjust settings concerning your TV. TV screen format Select your TV screen format. The 4:3 format is the standard format for most TV screens. Select 16:9 for a wide screen TV. TV signal If the teletext function does not work when watching channels from an analogue satellite receiver connected to the Media- master, change this setting from RGB to PAL.

  • Page 24: Receiver Upgrade

    Enter this menu to check for new software. If new software is available you will get information in the menu on how to proceed. If you download new software from ”Nokia Internet Pages”, you transfer the software from the computer to the Mediamaster via the serial port.

  • Page 25: Parental Control

    MAIN MENU Parental Control To open this menu you will be asked to enter your access code. From the factory the access code is set to 1234. The following settings can be altered from this menu. Receiver lock If you select “On,” you will have to enter the access code every time you start the Mediamaster from stand-by.

  • Page 26: System Information

    MAIN MENU Picture format If you have a TV set with the 4:3 picture format and the transmis- sion is in 16:9, you can select Fullscreen or Letterbox. Fullscreen will fill up the screen but cut off some information on the left and right sides.

  • Page 27: Conditional Access

    MAIN MENU Conditional Access This menu will only be activated if you have inserted a valid Smartcard/CA module in the slot behind the front lid. If more than one CA system is activated, select the one from which you want information. The Viaccess Conditional Access (CA) System is embedded in the Mediamaster.

  • Page 28: Glossary Of Terms

    GLOSSARY OF TERMS Access Authorisation to use the coding system to purchase / order TV programmes. Audio system With digital satellite reception, the sound is transmitted in packages and is selected either in a special audio mode or pre-selected by using the installation set-up. This makes it possible to select between several different lan- guages in a film.

  • Page 29: Problem Solving

    PROBLEM SOLVING Problem The display on the front panel does not light up/is not lit. No sound or picture, but the front panel shows the time or - - : - -. Bad picture/blocking error. The front panel shows a channel number, but you can’t see anything from digital TV.

  • Page 30: Front Panel Display

    PROBLEM SOLVING Problem You made a video recording of a digital terrestrial channel and whole or parts of the programme was not recorded. The remote control is not working. You see the on-screen message. Viewing card faulty. You have forgotten your secret PIN code.

  • Page 31: Technical Specifications

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Transmission Standards DVB, MPEG 2 RF input (OFDM)/Modulator output Loop through output Input/output connector IEC female / IEC male RF input frequency 470 to 862 MHz RF input power level -77 dBm RF impedance Frequency range Loop through 47 to 864MHz Frequency range Re-modulator 470 to 862 MHz Output channel...

  • Page 32: Menus Screen Structure

    MENUS SCREEN STRUCTURE First time installation Language Channel Search Welcome Svenska Automatic Search Suomi Manual Search menu Norsk Main Menu Channels ‹ ‹ All TV Marknätet Teracom Norrköping ‹ SVT 1 Delivery sys: SVT 2 Nerwork: TV 24 SVT Östnytt Edit Channels ‹...

  • Page 33

    230 V DIGITAL AUDIO 50 Hz AUDIO WARNING! DO NOT OPEN – ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD 44 10285 Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation 66 76938-11 TELEPHONE SERIAL TV / VCR TV AERIAL © 0008...

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