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Nokia Mediamaster 9828 Owner's Manual: Tv Settings; Time Adjustment

Nokia satellite receiver owner's manual.
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TV Settings

From here you can adjust settings concerning your TV.
TV screen format
Select your TV screen format.
The 4:3 format is the standard format for most TV screens.
Select 16:9 for a wide screen TV.
TV signal
If the teletext function does not work when watching channels
from an analogue satellite receiver connected to the Media-
master, change this setting from RGB to PAL.
RF channel
Select this alternative if you have to change the RF channel.
If you change the RF channel number in the Mediamaster, you
must also change it to the same value on the TV. If you do not,
the picture will become black.
Always test the receiver and any units connected to it before
changing the RF channel. Never use an RF channel number that
is close to a transmitting channel ( one channel number) or that
is used by any of the connected units.
RF modulator type
If the Mediamaster is connected to the TV by an RF lead, you can
select the RF modulator type. The RF Modulator affects a chan-
nel's audio. If you get picture but no sound, the RF modulator se-
lection might be wrong.
Select UK (PAL I) if the Mediamaster is used in the UK.
Select Normal if it is used elsewhere.
Position of the RGB output
Adjust the horizontal position of the TV picture with the
tons. (The TV signal, see above, must be set to RGB for this func-
tion to work.)

Time adjustment

The time is adjusted by using the
You can also adjust the minutes by using the
Press OK to finish the first time installation, see below.
buttons, 1/2 an hour at a
The RF channel number will be in-
dicated on the front display of the
GB 25


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