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Rack Mounting; System Operation; Handheld Transmitter // Mh-700 / Mh-800 / Mh-700D - JTS US-8010D Instruction Manual

Us-8010d series
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5-2 Rack Mounting

(1) Before mount receivers onto DR-900 rack adaptor, please release any cables from the rear of
the receiver.
(2) Turn over receiver and DR-900 rack adaptor simultaneously, there are 4 threaded holes each
in the bottom of receiver and rack adaptor for inserting screws.
(3) Single receiver
Insert in a receiver through the front of DR-900 until it is firmly attached to the rack, then
screw on a RP-900 to another side of the rack.
(4) Dual receivers
The same way as above, put one receiver to each rack space.

5-3 System Operation

Be sure to mute the audio signal of mixer or amplifier before turning on the receiver and
5-4 Handheld transmitter // Mh-700D / Mh-700 / Mh-800
(1) Mh-700D & Mh-700 & Mh-800 Handheld Transmitter
1. Turn the microphone ball grille counter-clockwise
( Figure 1), press both release knobs to remove the
battery tray from the mic. housing ( Figure 2).
2. Insert two 1.5V batteries according to the correct polarity
(Step 1 of Figure 3) and return the battery tray back to
housing (Step 2 of Figure 3).
Aim the connecting pins exactly toward the cavities on the
bottom side of detachable mic. capsule module ( Figure 4)
and tighten it clockwise!
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 4
Figure 3



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