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Sanyo VCC-MCH5600P Service Manual page 2

Camera unit (megapixel camera)
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Do not use solder containing lead.
This product has been manufactured using lead-free
solder in order to help preserve the environment.
Because of this, be sure to use lead-free solder when
carrying out repair work, and never use solder
containing lead.
Lead-free solder has a melting point that is 30 - 40°C (86 -
104°F) higher than solder containing lead, and moreover it
does not contain lead which attaches easily to other metals.
As a result, it does not melt as easily as solder containing
lead, and soldering will be more difficult even if the
temperature of the soldering iron is increased.
The extra difficulty in soldering means that soldering time
will increase and damage to the components or the circuit
board may easily occur.
Because of this, you should use a soldering iron and
solder that satisfy the following conditions when carrying out
repair work.
Soldering iron
Use a soldering iron which is 70 W or equivalent, and
which lets you adjust the tip temperature up to 450°C
(842°F). It should also have as good temperature recovery
characteristics as possible.
Set the temperature to 350°C (662°F) or less for chip
components, to 380°C (716°F) for lead wires and similar,
and to 420°C (788°F) when installing and removing shield
The tip of the soldering iron should have a C-cut shape or
a driver shape so that it can contact the circuit board as flat
or in a line as much as possible.
Use solder with the metal content and composition ratio by
weight given in the table below. Do not use solders which
do not meet these conditions.
Metal content
Tin (Sn)
ratio by weight
Lead-free solder is available for purchase as a service tool.
Use the following part number when ordering:
Part name: Lead-free solder with resin (0.5 mm dia., 500 g)
Part number: VJ8-0270
If replacing existing solder containing lead with lead-free
solder in the soldered parts of products that have been
manufactured up until now, remove all of the existing solder
at those parts before applying the lead-free solder.
Silver (Ag)
Copper (Cu)
The surface of the camera can be hot during operation,
but it is not a malfunction.
When you touch the heated portion of the camera for a
long time during installation, adjustment or dismounting,
you may get a low-temperature burn.



Table of Contents

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