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Comfort Adjustments - Pride Go-Chair Owner's Manual

Pride go-chair mobility scooter.
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V . C O M F O R T A D J U S T M E N T S


After becoming familiar with your travel chair's operation, you may find the need to make some adjustments to
increase your comfort, such as seat height, armrest width, foot platform depth, and controller position. Use the
steps below to make comfort adjustments.
WARNING! The centre of gravity of your travel chair was factory set to a position that meets the
needs of the demographic majority of users. Your authorised Pride Provider has evaluated your
travel chair and made any necessary adjustments to suit your specific requirements. Do not
change your seating configuration without first contacting Pride Mobility Products or your
authorised Pride Provider.
WARNING! Some travel chair components are heavy. You may need assistance to lift or carry
them. Please refer to the specification table for specific component weights before you
disassemble the travel chair.
WARNING! Remove the occupant from the Go-Chair before making any adjustments.
Seat Height Adjustment
You can adjust the seat to two different heights. Seat height
adjustment requires the removal of the battery box.
To change the seat height:
1. Turn off the power to the controller.
2. Disconnect the controller from the power base.
3. Remove the seat.
4. Remove the battery box.
5. Loosen the quick release fastener. See figure 12.
6. Remove the clevis pin from the seat pedestal.
7. Reposition the seat pedestal to the desired height.
8. Reinstall the seat pedestal clevis pin.
9. Tighten the quick release fastener. See figure 13.
10. Reinstall the battery box.
11. Reinstall the seat.
12. Reconnect the controller to the power base.
Quick Release Fasteners
The quick release fastener removes excess play in the seat ped-
estal. See figure 12. The quick release fastener consists of a
bolt, a lever, and a nut. See figure 13. The lever has a cam on
the end that allows it to clamp into place. The quick release fas-
tener has two states: clamped and unclamped. When the lever is
open, the quick release fastener is unclamped. When the lever is
closed, the quick release fastener is clamped.
To clamp the quick release fastener:
1. Make sure the lever is in the open position.
2. Turn the nut clockwise until it is snug.
3. Rotate the lever until it is in the fully closed position.
NOTE: If the lever will not rotate to the fully closed position,
then turn the nut anticlockwise one-quarter or one-half turn.
Figure 12. Seat Height Adjustment
Figure 13. Quick Release Fastener Operation


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