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Pride Go-Chair Owner's Manual Page 26

Pride go-chair mobility scooter.
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V I I . C A R E A N D M A I N T E N A N C E
5. Remove the red (+) positive and black (-) negative battery leads from each battery.
6. Remove the batteries.
7. Put the new batteries back into the battery box (battery terminals up).
8. Reconnect the two (2) battery leads to the battery terminals. Make sure the red lead is connected to the (+)
positive terminal and the black lead is connected to the (-) negative terminal.
9. Replace the lid and carefully flip the battery box over so the handle is down.
10. Replace and tighten all the screws that hold the battery box together.
11. Reinstall the battery box back onto the Go-Chair.
When to See An Authorised Pride Provider for Service
The following symptoms could indicate a serious problem with your Go-Chair. If necessary, contact an authorised
Pride Provider. When calling, have the model number, serial number, nature of the problem, and the error code if
Motor noise
Frayed harnesses
Cracked or broken connectors
Uneven wear on any of the tyres
Jerky motion
Pulling to one side
Bent or broken wheel assemblies
Does not power up
Powers up, but does not move
Loose seat or seating components
Corrective Maintenance
If the battery condition meter does not light up when you turn on the power:
Check the harness connections. Make sure they are tight.
Check the circuit breaker. Reset it if necessary.
Check the battery connections.
If the above conditions prove normal, you can load test the batteries with a battery load tester. These testers are
available at automotive parts stores. Disconnect both batteries before load testing and follow the directions that
come with the load tester. If either one of the batteries fails the load test, replace both of them. If your Go-Chair
still does not power up, contact an authorised Pride Provider.


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