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Pride Go-Chair Owner's Manual Page 23

Pride go-chair mobility scooter.
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V I I . C A R E A N D M A I N T E N A N C E
All wheel bearings are prelubricated and sealed. They require no subsequent lubrication.
The body shroud has been sprayed with a clear sealant coating. You can apply a light coat of car wax to help
it retain its high-gloss appearance.
Check all electrical connections. Make sure they are tight and are not corroded. Batteries must sit flat within
the battery tray, with the battery terminals facing inward, toward each other. Refer to the battery wiring label
for the correct wiring layout.
WARNING! Even though the Go-Chair has passed the necessary testing requirements
for ingress of liquids, you should keep electrical connections away from sources of
dampness, including direct exposure to water or bodily fluids and incontinence.
Check electrical components frequently for signs of corrosion and replace as
Daily Checks
With the controller turned off, check the joystick. Make sure it is not bent or damaged and that it returns to the
neutral position when you release it. Check the rubber boot around the base of the joystick for damage. Visually
inspect the boot. Do not handle or try to repair it. See an authorised Pride Provider if there is a problem.
Visually inspect the controller harness. Make sure that it is not frayed, cut, or has any wires exposed. See an
authorised Pride Provider if there is a problem.
Check for flat spots on solid tyres. Flat spots could adversely affect stability.
Inspect the seating system, armrests and front riggings for loose hardware, stress points or damage. See your
authorised Pride Provider if there is a problem.
Weekly Checks
Disconnect and inspect the controller from the power base. Look for corrosion. Contact an authorised Pride
Provider if necessary.
Ensure that all parts of the controller system are securely fastened to your Go-Chair. Do not overtighten any screws.
Check the brakes. This test should be carried out on a level surface with at least 1 metre (3 feet) of clearance
around your Go-Chair.
To check the brakes:
1. Turn on the controller and turn down the speed level of your Go-Chair.
2. After one second, check the battery condition meter. Make sure that it remains on.
3. Slowly push the joystick forward until you hear the electric brakes click. Immediately release the joystick.
You must be able to hear each electrical brake operating within a few seconds of joystick movement. Repeat
this test three times, pushing the joystick rearwards, then left, and then right.
Monthly Checks
Check for drive tyre wear. See an authorised Pride Provider for repair.
Check the caster wheels for wear. Replace them as necessary.
Check the caster forks for damage or fluttering which indicates that they may need to be adjusted or have the
bearings replaced. See an authorised Pride Provider for repair.
Check the entire travel chair for loose hardware and changes in the function or performance of the travel chair.
See your authorised Pride Provider for service and repair.
Keep your Go-Chair clean and free of foreign material, such as mud, dirt, hair, food, drink, etc.
Yearly Checks
Take your Go-Chair to an authorised Pride Provider for yearly maintenance, especially if you use your chair on a
daily basis. This helps ensure that your Go-Chair is functioning properly and helps prevent future complications.


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