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  • Page 1 Go-Chair 32 Wedgwood Road • Bicester, Oxon OX26 4UL...
  • Page 2 The symbols below are used throughout this owner's manual and on the Go-Chair to identify warnings and important information. It is very important for you to read them and understand them completely.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    C O N T E N T S INTRODUCTION............................ 4 SAFETY ..............................5 III. YOUR GO-CHAIR..........................17 IV. ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY ......................20 COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS......................23 VI. BATTERIES AND CHARGING ....................... 26 VII. CARE AND MAINTENANCE ......................31 VIII. WARRANTY............................36 APPENDIX I - SPECIFICATIONS ......................37 Go-Chair
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Pride to enhance or preserve the safe use of this product.
  • Page 5: Safety

    Do not use a cell phone, walkie/talkie, laptop or other radio transmitter while operating. Avoid exposure to rain, snow, ice, salt or standing water whenever possible. Maintain and store in a clean and dry condition. Go-Chair
  • Page 6 3-pronged adapter to an electrical outlet having 2-pronged plug access. Do not remove anti-tip wheels. Wear safety goggles. Corrosive chemicals contained in battery. EMI-RFI - This product has been tested and passed at an immunity level of 20 V/m. Go-Chair...
  • Page 7 Always replace both batteries at the same time. Battery charger for indoor use only. Disposal and Recycling - Contact your authorised Pride Dealer for information on proper disposal and recycling of your Pride product and its packaging. Contains Lead.
  • Page 8 Unlocked and in freewheel mode. Do not place your travel chair in freewheel mode while on a decline. Do not place your travel chair in freewheel mode while on an incline. Go-Chair...
  • Page 9: General Guidelines

    Your Go-Chair is a state-of-the-art life-enhancement device designed to increase mobility. Pride provides an extensive variety of products to best fit the individual needs of the Go-Chair user. Please be aware that the final selection and purchasing decision regarding the type of travel chair to be used is the responsibility of the Go-Chair user, who is capable of making such a decision, and his/her healthcare professional (i.e., medical doctor, physical therapist, etc.).
  • Page 10 When driving down an incline, set your Go-Chair to the slowest speed setting and drive in the forward direction only. If your Go-Chair starts to move down the incline faster than you anticipated or desired, allow it to come to a complete stop by releasing the joystick, then push the joystick forward slightly to ensure a safely controlled descent.
  • Page 11 Doing so could cause instability in your Go-Chair. Pride recommends that the maximum slope of an incline you attempt to safely ascend or descend on your Go-Chair does not exceed 8.7% (5°). See figure 1.
  • Page 12 However, Pride recognises that there will be times when you will encounter other surface types. For this reason, your Go-Chair is designed to perform admirably on packed soil, grass and gravel. Feel free to use your Go-Chair safely on lawns and in park areas.
  • Page 13 Lift/Elevation Products If you will be traveling with your Go-Chair, you may find it necessary to use a lift/elevation product to aid in transportation. Pride recommends that you closely review the instructions, specifications and safety information set forth by the manufac- turer of the lift/elevation product before using that product.
  • Page 14 Reaching and Bending Never reach, lean or bend while driving your Go-Chair. If it is absolutely necessary to reach, lean or bend while seated on your Go-Chair, it is important to maintain a stable centre of gravity and keep the Go-Chair from tipping. Pride recommends that the Go-Chair user determine his/her personal limitations and practice bending and reaching in the presence of a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Page 15 User Positioning Pride recommends that all users be seated in an upright position with their pelvis positioned as far rearward as possible in the power chair seat. All users need to discuss pelvic positioning with their authorised Pride Dealer, therapist(s) or healthcare professional to determine appropriate pelvic position when seated on the power chair based on the user’s...
  • Page 16 NOTE: For further information on EMI/RFI, go to the Resource Center on If unintended motion or brake release occurs, turn your Go-Chair off as soon as it is safe to do so. Call your authorised Pride Dealer to report the incident.
  • Page 17: Your Go-chair

    THE GO-CHAIR The Go-Chair has two main assemblies: the seat assembly and the power base assembly. See figure 5. Typically, the seat assembly includes the armrests, seatback and seat base. The power base assembly includes the two motors, two drive wheels, two castor wheels, two anti-tip wheels, two batteries and a foot platform.
  • Page 18 See VI. “Batteries and Charging.” Main Circuit Breaker: The main circuit breaker is a safety feature built into your Go-Chair. When the batteries and the motors are heavily strained (e.g., from excessive loads), the main circuit breaker trips to prevent damage to the motors and the electronics.
  • Page 19 WARNING! Do not use the freewheel lever handles as tie-down points to secure this product Anti-Tip Wheels The anti-tip wheels are an integral and important safety feature of your Go-Chair. They are bolted to the frame at the rear of the chair. See figure 7.
  • Page 20: Assembly/disassembly

    INITIAL ASSEMBLY Your Go-Chair may require some assembly either before initial use or after transportation. It may also require disassembly to make some comfort adjustments. Figure 8 details those parts of the Go-Chair that are designed to be disassembled and assembled by an end user or by a qualified carer before using the product or making comfort adjustments.
  • Page 21 See figure 10. To disassemble the Go-Chair: 1. Turn off the power to the controller. 2. Place the Go-Chair in drive mode. See III. “Your Go-Chair.” 3. Disconnect the controller from the power base. 4. Remove the seat.
  • Page 22 Figure 13. Rear Section Positioning Figure 14. Align Frame Sections Assembly 1. Tilt the Go-Chair rear section rearward onto the anti-tip wheels. See figure 13. 2. While holding the front section parallel to the floor, align the curved locking brackets on the front section with the corresponding pegs on the rear section.
  • Page 23: Comfort Adjustments

    Use the steps below to make comfort adjustments. WARNING! If your Go-Chair was configured by an authorised Pride Dealer, please consult the healthcare professional before changing the seat position or making any other adjustment. Some adjustments may degrade your Go-Chair’s performance and safety by changing its centre of gravity.
  • Page 24 You can change each armrest’s width independently of the other. NOTE: Changing the armrest width may increase the overall width of your Go-Chair. To change the armrest width: 1. Locate the two armrest knobs on each side of the arm- rest receiver bracket.
  • Page 25 MANDATORY! Inspect the positioning belt for loose or damaged parts before each use of the power chair. If you discover a problem, contact your authorised Pride Dealer for maintenance and repair. Go-Chair
  • Page 26: Batteries And Charging

    Charging the Batteries The battery charger is essential in providing long life for your Go-Chair batteries. It is designed to optimise your travel chair’s performance by charging the batteries safely, quickly and easily.
  • Page 27 4. Plug the off-board charger into the electrical outlet. NOTE: If it is a Pride off-board charger, then there are two LEDs in it. Refer to the supplied charger manual for informa- Figure 22. Battery Charging tion on LED indications.
  • Page 28 Can I use a different battery charger? You should use the charger supplied with the Go-Chair. It is the safest, most efficient tool to charge the batteries. We do not recommend using other types of chargers (e.g., an automotive battery charger).
  • Page 29 They do not have a “memory” like nickel-cadmium batteries. We work closely with our battery manufacturer to provide a battery that best suits your Go-Chair’s specific demands. Fresh batteries arrive regularly at Pride and are promptly shipped with a full charge. During shipping, the batteries encoun- ter temperature extremes that may influence initial performance.
  • Page 30 What about shipping? If you wish to use a freight company to ship your Go-Chair to your final destination, repack your Go-Chair in the original shipping container and ship the batteries in separate boxes.
  • Page 31: Care And Maintenance

    1. Dry your Go-Chair as thoroughly as possible with a towel. 2. Allow your Go-Chair to sit in a warm, dry place for 12 hours to allow unseen water to evaporate. 3. Check the joystick operation and the brakes before using your Go-Chair again.
  • Page 32 ! Keep your Go-Chair clean and free of foreign material, such as mud, dirt, hair, food, drink, etc. Yearly Checks Take your Go-Chair to an authorised Pride Dealer for yearly maintenance, especially if you use your chair on a daily basis. This helps ensure that your Go-Chair is functioning properly and helps prevent future complications.
  • Page 33 You may wish to place several boards under the frame of your Go-Chair to raise it off of the ground during periods of prolonged storage. This takes the weight off the tyres and reduces the possibility of flat spots developing on the areas of the tyres contacting the ground.
  • Page 34 9. Replace the lid and carefully flip the battery box over so the handle is down. 10. Replace and tighten all the screws that hold the battery box together. 11. Reinstall the battery box back onto the Go-Chair. Go-Chair...
  • Page 35 Disconnect both batteries before load testing and follow the directions that come with the load tester. If either one of the batteries fails the load test, replace both of them. If your Go-Chair still does not power up, contact an authorised Pride Dealer.
  • Page 36: Warranty

    Warranty will also be refused if damage is deemed to have been caused through misuse or accident for which Pride Mobility Products Ltd. cannot be deemed responsible. NOTE: Pride Mobility Products Ltd. provides parts only under warranty. Your authorised Pride Dealer is responsible for labour and service. Please contact your authorised Pride Dealer for information about these services and for any applicable charges.
  • Page 37: Appendix I - Specifications

    Tested in accordance with ASNI/RESNA, WC Vol 2, Section 4 & ISO 7176-4 standards. Results derived from theoretical calculation based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity. Tested by Pride Mobility Products under simulated conditions; continuous straight-line driving until total battery depletion. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity.
  • Page 38 S P E C I F I C A T I O N S LENGTH 82.55 cm (32.50”) with foot platform 68.90 cm (27.125”) TURNING RADIUS WIDTH 48.26 cm (19”) 68.26 cm (26.875”) 3.49 cm (1.375”) GROUND CLEARANCE Figure 27. Go-Chair Dimensions and Ground Clearance Go-Chair...
  • Page 40 Inclusion of all Parts Joystick Serial Number Controller Serial Number Left Motor Serial Number Right Motor Serial Number Fit and Finish Performance Pride keeps a more detailed report on file at the factory. Date Inspected Inspector *INFMANU2903* Product Serial #...

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