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Pride Go-Chair Owner's Manual

Pride go-chair mobility scooter.
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  • Page 1 Go-Chair...
  • Page 2 The symbols below are used throughout this owner's manual and on the Go-Chair to identify warnings and impor- tant information. It is very important for you to read them and understand them completely.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    C O N T E N T S INTRODUCTION ........................... 4 SAFETY..............................5 III. YOUR GO-CHAIR..........................7 IV. ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY......................10 COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS......................14 VI. BATTERIES AND CHARGING ...................... 17 VII. CARE AND MAINTENANCE ......................22 APPENDIX I – SPECIFICATIONS ......................27 Go-Chair
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Pride to enhance or preserve the safe use of this product.
  • Page 5 Read and follow the information in the owner’s manual. Locked and in drive mode. Place unit on level ground and stand to one side when changing from drive mode to freewheel mode or freewheel mode to drive mode. Unlocked and in freewheel mode. Go-Chair
  • Page 6: Your Go-chair

    Your Go-Chair is a state-of-the-art life-enhancement device designed to increase mobility. Pride provides an extensive variety of products to best fit the individual needs of the Go-Chair user. Please be aware that the final selection and purchasing decision regarding the type of travel chair to be used is the responsibility of the Go-Chair user, who is capable of making such a decision, and his/her healthcare professional (i.e., medical doctor, physical...
  • Page 7 I I I . Y O U R G O - C H A I R THE GO-CHAIR The Go-Chair has two main assemblies: the seat assembly and the power base assembly. See figure 1. Typically, the seat assembly includes the armrests, seatback, and seat base. The power base assembly includes the two motors, two drive wheels, two caster wheels, two anti-tip wheels, two batteries, and a foot platform.
  • Page 8: Electrical Components

    (e.g., from excessive loads), the main circuit breaker trips to prevent damage to the motors and the electronics. If the circuit trips, allow your Go-Chair to “rest” for approximately one minute. Next, push in the circuit breaker button, turn on the controller, and continue normal operation. If the main circuit breaker continues to trip repeatedly, contact an authorised Pride Provider.
  • Page 9 NOTE: You must turn off the power before disabling the drive systems; otherwise, you may get an error code on the controller. To clear this code, turn off the controller and place the Go-Chair in drive mode. Then turn on the controller. The error message should be cleared. If not, contact an authorised Pride Provider.
  • Page 10: Assembly/disassembly

    Your Go-Chair may require some assembly either before initial use or after transportation. It may also require disassembly to make some comfort adjustments. Figure 4 details those parts of the Go-Chair that are designed to be disassembled and assembled by an end user or by a qualified carer before using the product or making comfort adjustments.
  • Page 11 I V . A S S E M B L Y / D I S A S S E M B L Y Seat Installation It may be necessary to install the seat either prior to initial operation or after transporting your Go-Chair. The seat is attached to the power base by a height-adjustable seat pedestal.
  • Page 12 I V . A S S E M B L Y / D I S A S S E M B L Y Disassembly The Go-Chair disassembles into four components: the seat, the battery box, the rear section of the power base, and the front section of the power base. See figure 6.
  • Page 13 Figure 9. Rear Section Positioning Figure 10. Align Frame Sections Assembly 1. Tilt the Go-Chair rear section rearward onto the anti-tip wheels. See figure 9. 2. While holding the front section parallel to the floor, align the curved locking brackets on the front section with the corresponding pegs on the rear section.
  • Page 14: Comfort Adjustments

    WARNING! The centre of gravity of your travel chair was factory set to a position that meets the needs of the demographic majority of users. Your authorised Pride Provider has evaluated your travel chair and made any necessary adjustments to suit your specific requirements. Do not change your seating configuration without first contacting Pride Mobility Products or your authorised Pride Provider.
  • Page 15 ARMREST KNOB NOTE: Changing the armrest width may increase the (LOCATED ON overall width of your Go-Chair. SEAT FRAME) To change the armrest width: 1. Locate the two armrest knobs on each side of the armrest receiver bracket. See figure 14.
  • Page 16: Positioning Belt

    MANDATORY! Inspect the positioning belt for loose parts or damage, including tears, worn spots, bent hardware, damaged latch mechanisms, dirt or debris, before each use of the travel chair. If you discover a problem, contact your authorised Pride Provider for maintenance and repair.
  • Page 17: Batteries And Charging

    Charging the Batteries The battery charger is essential in providing long life for your Go-Chair batteries. It is designed to optimise your travel chair’s performance by charging the batteries safely, quickly, and easily.
  • Page 18 6. Reinstall the battery box to the power base. To charge the batteries using the XLR off-board charger port: 1. Position the front of your Go-Chair next to a standard electri- cal outlet. 2. Be certain the controller power is turned off and the freewheel levers are in the engaged position.
  • Page 19 3. Give the batteries another full charge of at least 8 to 14 hours and operate your Go-Chair again. The batteries will now perform at over 90% of their potential.
  • Page 20 They do not have a “memory” like nickel-cadmium batteries. We work closely with our battery manufacturer to provide a battery that best suits your Go-Chair’s specific demands. Fresh batteries arrive regularly at Pride and are promptly shipped with a full charge. During shipping, the batteries encounter temperature extremes that may influence initial performance.
  • Page 21 What about shipping? If you wish to use a freight company to ship your Go-Chair to your final destination, repack your Go-Chair in the original shipping container and ship the batteries in separate boxes.
  • Page 22: Care And Maintenance

    Provider. Preventive maintenance is very important. If you follow the maintenance checks in this section as sched- uled, you can help ensure that your Go-Chair gives you years of trouble-free operation. If you have any doubt as to your Go-Chair’s care or operation, contact an authorised Pride Provider.
  • Page 23 Check the rubber boot around the base of the joystick for damage. Visually inspect the boot. Do not handle or try to repair it. See an authorised Pride Provider if there is a problem.
  • Page 24: Cleaning And Disinfection

    You may wish to place several boards under the frame of your Go-Chair to raise it off of the ground during periods of prolonged storage. This takes the weight off the tyres and reduces the possibility of flat spots developing on the areas of the tyres contacting the ground.
  • Page 25 You may need the following to change your batteries: metric/standard socket set and ratchet adjustable wrench To replace the batteries: 1. Remove the battery box from the Go-Chair. 2. Turn the pack upside down. 3. Remove all screws that hold the battery box halves together. See figure 22.
  • Page 26 Disconnect both batteries before load testing and follow the directions that come with the load tester. If either one of the batteries fails the load test, replace both of them. If your Go-Chair still does not power up, contact an authorised Pride Provider.
  • Page 27: Appendix I - Specifications

    Tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA, WC Vol 2, Section 4 & ISO 7176-4 standards. Results derived from theoretical calculation based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity. Tested by Pride Mobility Products under simulated conditions; continuous straight-line driving until total battery depletion. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity.
  • Page 28 LENGTH (WITH FRONT RIGGINGS) 82.55 cm (32.5 in.) LENGTH (WITHOUT FRONT RIGGINGS) 68.9 cm (27 in.) TURNING RADIUS 68.26 cm WIDTH (26.87 in.) 48.26 cm (19 in.) 3.49 cm (1.37 in.) GROUND CLEARANCE Figure 23. Go-Chair Dimensions and Ground Clearance Go-Chair...
  • Page 29 N O T E S Go-Chair
  • Page 30 N O T E S Go-Chair...
  • Page 32 Go-Chair Product Serial Number *INFMANU2899*...

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