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Cleaning And Disinfection - Pride Go-Chair Owner's Manual

Pride go-chair mobility scooter.
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V I I . C A R E A N D M A I N T E N A N C E
Your Go-Chair should be stored in a dry place, free from temperature extremes. When storing, disconnect the
batteries from the Go-Chair. See VI. "Batteries and Charging."
WARNING! If you fail to store the unit properly, the frame can rust and the electronics can be
Batteries that are regularly and deeply discharged, infrequently charged, stored in extreme temperatures, or stored
without a full charge may be permanently damaged, causing unreliable performance and limited service life. It is
recommended that you charge the batteries periodically throughout periods of prolonged storage to ensure proper
You may wish to place several boards under the frame of your Go-Chair to raise it off of the ground during periods
of prolonged storage. This takes the weight off the tyres and reduces the possibility of flat spots developing on the
areas of the tyres contacting the ground.
Disposal of Your Go-Chair
Your Go-Chair must be disposed of according to applicable local and national statutory regulations. Contact your
local waste disposal agency or authorised Pride Provider for information on proper disposal of travel chair packaging,
metal frame components, plastic components, electronics, batteries, neoprene, silicone, and polyurethane materials.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Use a damp cloth and mild, non-abrasive cleanser to clean the plastic and metal parts of your Go-Chair. Avoid
using products that may scratch the surface of your chair.
If necessary, clean your product with an approved disinfectant. Make sure the disinfectant is safe for use on
your product before application.
WARNING! Follow all safety instructions for the proper use of the disinfectant and/or cleaning
agent before applying it to your product. Failure to comply may result in skin irritation or
premature deterioration of upholstery and/or travel chair finishes.
WARNING! Never hose off your travel chair or place it in direct contact with water. Your travel chair
has a painted, ABS plastic body shroud that allows it to be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
WARNING! Never use any chemicals to clean a vinyl seat, as they may cause the seat to become
slippery or dry out and crack. Use soapy water and dry the seat thoroughly.
Wheel Replacement
If your chair is equipped with a solid tyre insert, then you must
replace the whole wheel assembly. Replacement wheel assem-
blies are readily available through an authorised Pride Provider.
WARNING! The wheels on your travel chair should
only be serviced or replaced by an authorised
Pride Provider or a qualified technician.
WARNING! Be sure that the power to the
controller is turned off and the travel chair is not
WARNING! When changing a tyre, remove only the
centre lug nut and washer, then remove the
wheel. If any further disassembly is required,
deflate the tyre completely or it may explode.
Figure 21. Go-Chair Drive Wheel


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