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Cable modem
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The selected network adapter window appears. On the pull down menu
select "Do not use this device (disable) and click "Ok."
Close open windows.
2D. uninstall the USB Cable Modem if neither A, B, or C
is applicable
Uninstall the "USB Cable Modem" in following the instructions outlined in
Solution 1A, Uninstall USB Cable Modem, on page 24.
Symptom 3:
Cable Modem stops transferring data (passing traffic).
Cable Modem was functioning properly and suddenly stopped transferring data
(passing traffic).
Solution 3:
Check your cables — there might be a disconnected, bent, broken or coiled
Unplug the USB cable, and plug it back in while your computer is
Symptom 4:
Windows response is sluggish once the USB Cable is connected.
Windows response is sluggish following a computer reboot.
The hourglass stays up for several minutes.
A network error message is displayed as shown in the figure below.
When a network connection first starts, Windows tries to get a network address,
also known as an "IP" address. This process is called DHCP (Dynamic Host Control
Protocol), and it can take several minutes to complete. On Windows 98 SE, an
hourglass may appear and the system response may be sluggish.
If the coaxial cable is not connected or the cable network is down, you may see a
DHCP error as shown below (TS Fig. 4).
TS Fig. 4
USB Troubleshooting


Table of Contents

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