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General Troubleshooting - RCA dcm235 User Manual

Cable modem
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General Troubleshooting

I can't access the internet or my email
Check all of the connections to your cable modem.
Your Ethernet card or USB port may not be working. Check its documentation for
more information.
The Network Properties of your operating system may not be installed correctly or
the settings may be incorrect. Check with your ISP or cable company.
Nothing happens when I press the on/off button.
Make sure that the AC adapter is fully plugged into a wall outlet.
Make sure that the power supply cord is fully inserted into the AC adapter
connection on the back of the modem.
Double-check that the AC outlet you are using is not controlled by a switch that is
turned off.
All of the lights are flashing in sequence.
This means the cable modem is automatically updating its system software. Please
wait for the lights to stop flashing. The updating process typically lasts less than one
Do not remove the power supply or reset the cable modem during this process.
The light labeled "email" is flashing.
This means you have new mail to check.
The light labeled "email" does not flash.
This may mean that your service provider does not offer this feature.
I can't get the modem to establish an Ethernet
Even new computers don't always have Ethernet capabilities – be sure to verify that
your computer has a properly installed Ethernet card and the driver software to
support it.
Check to see that you are using the right type of Ethernet cable (see page 16).
The modem won't register a cable connection (Cable light
not on continuously).
If the modem is in Initialization Mode, the Power Light will be flashing. Call your
Cable company if it has not completed this 5-step process within 30 minutes, and
note which step it is getting stuck on. (See page 18 for details.)
The modem should work with a standard RG-6 coaxial cable, but if you're using a
cable other than one your cable company recommends, or if the terminal
connections are loose, it may not work. Check with your cable company to
determine whether you're using the correct cable.
If you subscribe to video service over cable, the cable signal may not be reaching the
modem. Confirm that good quality cable television pictures are available to the
coaxial connector you are using by connecting a television to it. If your cable outlet
is "dead" call your Cable company.
Verify that the cable modem service is DOCSIS-compliant (EuroDOCSIS-compliant for
model DCM28x or DCM29x) by calling your cable provider.
For more Usage and Troubleshooting Tips use the web site links
provided on the CD-ROM:


Table of Contents

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