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Usb Troubleshooting; Windows 98 Se - RCA dcm235 User Manual

Cable modem
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USB Installation Troubleshooting Guide
This section is provided to assist those users who have followed the instructions in this
User's Guide, and who are still experiencing problems with their USB installation.
Network error message appears during installation, see below.
Cable Modem does not transfer data (pass traffic, i.e., The "PC Link" light on
your Cable Modem is not flashing), go to page 26 .
Cable Modem stops transferring data, go to page 29.
Windows response is sluggish once the USB Cable is connected, go to page 29.
Windows response is sluggish following a computer reboot, go to page 29.
The hourglass stays up for several minutes, go to page 29.
A network error message is displayed, go to page 29.
The Cable Modem was successfully installed. Following the cable modem
installation, you install or update an Internet Service Provider's software (e.g., AOL).
Now, the cable modem is no longer functioning properly. (Windows 98 SE only),
go to page 30.
Symptom 1:
Network error message appears during installation
A network error message may appear if there are too many network devices installed on
your computer system. This message may resemble Figure 1 (TS Fig. 1) below.
Solution 1:
In this situation, the cable modem is not installed correctly. Therefore, you must:
Uninstall the USB Cable Modem.
Remove another network adapter to allow sufficient space on your computer
system for the USB Cable Modem.
Reinstall the USB Cable Modem.
1A. Uninstall USB Cable Modem

Windows 98 SE

Remove the "RCA or Thomson USB Cable Modem" network adapter following the
Windows 98 SE instructions outlined in Solution 1B, Remove Another Network
Adapter, on page 25.

USB Troubleshooting

TS Fig. 1


Table of Contents

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