Connecting More Than One Computer To The Cable Modem (Ethernet Only) - RCA dcm235 User Manual

Cable modem
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Connecting the Cable Modem
Connecting More Than One Computer to
the Cable Modem (Ethernet Only)
You'll need the following equipment:
Crossover-wired, or "null," category 5 Ethernet cable for the cable modem
to be connected to the hub
10BaseT or 100BaseT Hub or Switch
Straight through, or standard, category 5 Ethernet cable (one for each
computer to be connected)
If you have a hub with an uplink port*, a straight through cable can be
used in combination with that port in lieu of the crossover cable.
"Null" cable (not
*An uplink port has a small switch on it to change the polarity of the connection. It
can accept either a cross-over or a straight cable, depending on the setting.
Standard Ethernet cables
(not supplied)
Ethernet hub

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents