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RCA DHG536 Manual

RCA DHG536 Manual


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Disconnect power before
This device is intended for
indoor operation only.
Telephone jacks Line 1 and
Line 2 must not be
connected to outside
This reminder is provided to call your attention to Article 820-40 of the National Electrical Code
(Section 54 of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1) which provides guidelines for proper
grounding and, in particular, specifies that the cable ground shall be connected to the
grounding system of the building as close to the point of cable entry as practical.
PacketCable and DOCSIS compliant
The RCA DHG536 is a residential gateway product, which provides broadband Internet access and
telephone capability all in one unit! Also referred to as an Embedded Media Terminal Adapter
(EMTA), this residential gateway connects to cable systems using DOCSIS and PacketCable standards.
(Check with your cable operator for compatibility.)
The RCA DHG536 offers a high-speed connection to the Internet using a Ethernet connection.
If you have subscribed to telephone service from your cable operator, then you will be able to place
regular phone calls using your home phone(s) and/or fax machine. The RCA DHG536 provides two
RJ-11 connectors for your phone or home phone system, allowing one or two line service.
Operating Information
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.
To ensure reliable operation and to prevent
overheating, provide adequate ventilation for this
modem and keep it away from heat sources. Do not
locate near heat registers or other heat-producing
equipment. Provide for free air flow around the
Residential Voice Gateway and its power supply.
0˚ - 50˚ C
(32˚ - 122˚ F)
-20˚ to 70˚ C
(-4°F to 158°F)
up to 90% non-condensing


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA DHG536

  • Page 1 If you have subscribed to telephone service from your cable operator, then you will be able to place regular phone calls using your home phone(s) and/or fax machine. The RCA DHG536 provides two RJ-11 connectors for your phone or home phone system, allowing one or two line service.
  • Page 2 If you purchased this product at a retail outlet, please read the following: Product Information Keep your sales receipt to obtain warranty parts and service and for proof of purchase. Attach it here and record the serial and model numbers in case you need them. The numbers are located on the back of the product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Chapter 1: Connections and Setup Introduction ..........................1 EMTA Features ........................1 What’s on the CD-ROM ...................... 2 Computer Requirements....................3 Wall Mounting ........................4 Overview ..........................5 Front Panel........................5 Rear Panel ......................... 7 Installing the Battery ......................7 Clearance ..........................
  • Page 4 Chapter 1: Advanced Information Event Log ........................18 CM State ......................... 18 Frequently Asked Questions ....................19 General Troubleshooting ....................... 20 FCC Declaration of Conformity and Industry Canada Information ........... 22 Service Information........................ 23 Glossary ..........................24 Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Introduction EMTA Features CableLabs DOCSIS 1.0/1.1/2.0 and PacketCable 1.0/1.5 Standard Compliant Support Multiple Provisioning Mode Support PacketCable NCS 1.0 MGCP1.0 (Media Gateway Control Protocol) Standard RJ-45 connector for 10/100BaseT Ethernet with auto-negotiation and MDIS functions Two RJ-11 Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) ports for IP telephony Support simultaneous voice and data communications Two simultaneous voice conversations in the different FXS ports with different CODEC: PCM a-law, PCM u-law, G.723.1, G.726, G.728, G.729, G.729a, G.729e, BV16 and...
  • Page 6: What's On The Cd-Rom

    Adobe Acrobat Reader — application you can load to read PDF format, if you don’t have it loaded already Links to Thomson and RCA web sites DOCSIS and PacketCable are trademarks of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.
  • Page 7: Computer Requirements

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Computer Requirements For the best possible performance from your EMTA, your personal computer must meet the following minimum system requirements (note that the minimum requirements may vary by cable companies): IBM PC COMPATIBLE MACINTOSH** Pentium preferred PowerPC or higher System RAM 16MB (32MB preferred)
  • Page 8: Wall Mounting

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Wall Mounting The number of the screw: 2 pcs Direction for wall mounting: LED panel upward. Dimension for the screw: TBD There are 4 slots on the underside of the EMTA that can be used for wall mounting. Note: When wall mounting the unit, ensure that it is within reach of the power outlet.
  • Page 9: Overview

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Overview Front Panel The following illustration shows the front panel: The LEDs on the front panel are described in the table below (from left to right): Internet DHG536 Power Link Tel 1 Tel 2 Battery Description Online Power on 0.25 sec...
  • Page 10 Chapter 1: Advanced Information Internet DHG536 Power Link Tel 1 Tel 2 Battery Description Online Both Lines On-Hook Tel1 Off-hook, Tel2 AC Good FLASH On-hook Battery Tel1 On-hook, Tel2 Good FLASH Off-hook FLASH FLASH Both Lines Off-Hook Both Lines On-Hook...
  • Page 11: Rear Panel

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Rear Panel Item Description 12 VDC Power connector REBOOT EMTA Reset EMTA TEL 1/2 and TEL 2 RJ-11 Phone set connector ETHERNET Ethernet 10/100BaseT RJ-45 connector CABLE F-Connector Installing the Battery This section provides information on installing batteries into the EMTA. Follow the steps below: 1.
  • Page 12: Clearance

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information 3. Insert the battery into one of the rear battery compartments, as shown below. 4. Reattach the battery cover. 5. Plug the power adaptor into an AC-receptacle that is always ON (non-switchable). The battery will fully charge within 4 hours. Clearance When installed at normal room temperatures and desktop locations, a minimum of 1"...
  • Page 13: Relationship Among The Devices

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Relationship among the Devices This illustration shows a cable company that offers DOCSIS- and PacketCable-compliant voice/data services. What the EMTA Does The EMTA provides high-speed Internet access as well as cost-effective, toll-quality telephone voice and fax/modem services over residential, commercial, and education subscribers on public and private networks via an existing CATV infrastructure.
  • Page 14: Contact Your Local Cable Company

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information World Wide Web (WWW). The TSP provides you with telephony access to other modems or other telephony services over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Check with your cable company to make sure you have everything you need to begin; they’ll know if you need to install special software or re-configure your computer to make your cable internet service work for you.
  • Page 15 Chapter 1: Advanced Information Please verify the following with the cable company The cable service to your home supports Euro-DOCSIS or DOCSIS compliant two-way modem access. Your internet account has been set up. (The Media Terminal Adapter will provide data service if the cable account is set up but no telephony service is available.) You have a cable outlet near your PC and it is ready for Cable Modem service.
  • Page 16: Connecting The Emta To A Single Computer

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Connecting the EMTA to a Single Computer This section of the manual explains how to connect your EMTA to Ethernet port on your computer and install the necessary software. Please refer to Figure 1 to help you connect your Digital Cable Modem for the best possible connection.
  • Page 17: Ethernet Connection To One Computer

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Ethernet Connection to One Computer Make the connections to the modem in the following sequence: 1. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the cable connection in the wall, and the other end to the CABLE jack on the EMTA. 2.
  • Page 18: Connecting More Than Two Computers To The Emta

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Connecting More Than Two Computers to the EMTA If you need to connect more than two computers, you’ll need the following additional equipment: Crossover-wired, or “null,” category 5 Ethernet cable for the EMTA to be connected to the 10BaseT or 100BaseT Hub or Switch Straight through, or standard, category 5 Ethernet cable (one for each computer to be connected)
  • Page 19: Telephone Or Fax Connection

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Telephone or Fax Connection When properly connected, most telephony devices can be used with the EMTA just as with conventional telephone service. To make a normal telephone call, pick up the handset; listen for a dial tone, then dial the desired number. For services such as call waiting, use the hook switch (or FLASH button) to change calls.
  • Page 20: Activating The Emta

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Activating the EMTA After installing the EMTA and turn it on for the first time (and each time the modem is reconnected to the power), it goes through several steps before it can be used. Each of these steps is represented by a different pattern of flashing lights on the front of the modem.
  • Page 21: Basic Status Web Page Group

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Basic Status Web Page Group Basic LAN The screen will be shown as below. This page displays the RF parameters, the status of the EMTA, and the interface parameters. Hardware Info This page offers the hardware info for this device, containing the system information, MTA serial number, firmware name and build time, and so on.
  • Page 22: Event Log

    Chapter 1: Advanced Information Event Log This page records the event log for DOCSIS, PacketCable, and NCS Audit. You can clear the logs by pressing the “Clear Log” button. CM State You can find the cable modem state on this page. Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.
  • Page 23: Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 2: Additional Information Frequently Asked Questions Q. What if I don’t subscribe to cable TV? A. If cable TV is available in your area, data and voice service may be made available with or without cable TV service. Contact your local cable company for complete information on cable services, including high-speed internet access.
  • Page 24: General Troubleshooting

    Chapter 2: Additional Information General Troubleshooting You can correct most problems you have with your product by consulting the troubleshooting list that follows. I can’t access the internet. Check all of the connections to your EMTA. Your Ethernet card may not be working. Check each product’s documentation for more information.
  • Page 25 If using the second line on a two-line telephone, use a 2-line to 1-line adapter cable. For more Usage and Troubleshooting Tips use the web site links provided on the CD-ROM: Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.
  • Page 26: Fcc Declaration Of Conformity And Industry Canada Information

    This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Trade Name: RCA Model: DHG536 Equipment Classification: Computing Device Accessory Responsible Party: Thomson Inc.
  • Page 27: Service Information

    Chapter 2: Additional Information Service Information If you purchased or leased your EMTA directly from your cable company, then warranty service for the Digital Cable Modem may be provided through your cable provider or its authorized representative. For information on 1) Ordering Service, 2) Obtaining Customer Support, or 3) Additional Service Information, please contact your cable company.
  • Page 28: Glossary

    Chapter 2: Additional Information Glossary 10BaseT – Unshielded, twisted pair cable with an RJ-45 connector, used with Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network). “10” indicates speed (10 Mbps), “Base” refers to baseband technology, and “T” means twisted pair cable. Authentication - The process of verifying the identity of an entity on a network. DHCP(Dynamic Host Control Protocol) –...
  • Page 29 Chapter 2: Additional Information are normally housed in a small plastic box located on an outer wall of the house. It is the legal demarcation between the subscriber’s property and the service provider’s property. PacketCable – A project with the objective of developing a set of necessary telephony specifications and operations support interface specifications for EMTAs and associated equipment used over the DOCSIS-based cable network.

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