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Emptying The Water Tank - Sharp DW-R268A Operation Manual

Sharp dw-r268a dehumidifier operation manual
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To set off timer
Confirm that the OPERATION indicator is on and the unit is in operation.
Press TIMER SETTING button
Indications change simultaneously as follows: the OFF TIMER indicator lights, the
LED display changes to [
SETTING indicator lights. The OFF TIMER setting time is indicated as [Off after 1 hour].
Indicating set-time of OFF TIMER as ÒOFF after 1 hourÓ.
Select set-time of TIMER since the TIMER shifts sequentially in order as follows. (one-hour interval)
The indication automatically shifts by continuously pressing TIMER SETTING button.
If you set OFF TIMER operation as Òafter 5 hoursÓ
The timer indication changes every hour from 5
and after 5 hours operation stops.
To cancel Off Timer

Emptying the Water Tank

If the water tank fills to a level of approx. 6.0 liters, the operation stops automatically. Then an electronic beep sound will be emitted
for 8 seconds, and the ÒfullÓ indicator light will blink showing that the water tank is full. Empty the tank as shown below.
Remove the water tank.
Pull out the tank by pushing up the tank handgrip a little and take the tank out
carefully by holding it with both hands. The tank weighs about 7.0 kg when it is
filled up to the limit. Be careful to avoid getting injured when taking it out.
Empty the water tank.
The drainage tank can be carried by holding the tank handle.
Empty the water tank, clean the tank and wipe off excess water outside the tank.
If water remains on the float, the automatic stop function of the dehumidifier
will not work properly. So make sure to wipe away the water from the float.
Inside of the float a blue part is installed. Do not take off the
part, it is necessary for function of operating the dehumidifier.
Reinstall the water tank in the unit.
(1) Make certain that the tank lid is installed securely on the exterior of the tank, and that the handle is
stowed in its stowage position.
(2) Push the tank into the unit until it comes into firm contact with the back of the unit.
Do not touch anything inside the unit after
the water tank is removed.
Otherwise when the tank is full, the automatic stop function may not work properly.
Clean the inside of the water tank periodically
(about once a week).
The unit may be soiled if it is not cleaned for a long time.
How to Operate the Timer
], the HUMIDITY indicator goes off, and the TIMER
Room humidity (set release)
When the OFF TIMER works (operation stops), a beep sounds for about 1 second.
You can change the time to stop operation after having set the OFF TIMER. Press the TIMER button again.
To release the OFF TIMER, either press the TIMER button until the LED
display indicates the room humidity, say [
button to stop operation.
it can be set when the unit is in operation
When taking out the water tank, the front full
tank green lamp will blink up and the unit stops
its operation.
Water tank
Tank handle
Before moving the unit, make sure to turn it off and
drain the water from the tank.
Otherwise water may spill out onto the floor.
At low temperatures, water may freeze in the unitÕs
cooling system instead of collecting in the water tank.
Note that this is not a sign of failure.
TIMER OFF indicator
], or press the POWER ON/OFF
Tank lid
Pull here to
remove tank

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