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Sharp DW-R268A Operation Manual page 6

Sharp dw-r268a dehumidifier operation manual
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When water is to be drained
continuously, take care that
the hose is not bent and that
the hose outlet is positioned
below the unit.
Otherwise drained water may spill
and make household appliances or
furniture wet.
If a drain hose is used, take care that the
temperature around the hose does not fall
below 0¡C.
Otherwise, water in the hose may freeze causing
undrained water to leak from the unit and make
household furniture or appliances wet.
Before moving the unit make sure that
the power is turned off and that the
tank is emptied.
Otherwise spilled water may wet household appliances
resulting in electric shock, short circuits or fire.
Leave a clearance around the unit of at
least the size shown in the drawing below.
Insufficient ventilation can result in overheating
or combustion.
50cm min.
20cm min.
Cautions for use
Do not operate this product with the power cord still wound onto the cord clamps.
Otherwise, overheating or fire may result.
When [
] lights on the LED display on the operation panel and operation stops,
the unit may be used under one of the following conditions and in one of the
following locations. This is normal and does not indicate a problem with the unit.
Is the unit operating at a room temperature of more than 35¡C, with the unit's WIDE SWING louver blowing toward the
rear in DRY CLOTHES mode at "Low" air flow rate or in CONTINUOUS DEHUMIDIFY mode at "Low" air flow rate?
Is the air outlet or air intake covered with a cloth or the like?
Check whether the unit is operated in a location with inadequate ventilation such as a closet or a narrow space between furniture.
Check whether the unit is operated in an improper place under direct sunshine, near heating
sources or air outlet of hot wind emerging from air conditioners or oil fan heaters.
Check that the size of the room where you are operating the unit is not too small.
When the compressor for the cooling cycle becomes abnormally hot, operation is automatically
stopped for safety. If this happens, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, eliminate the
problem, and restart operation after a waiting period of about 40 minutes. If the [
still remains on, consult the shop where you purchased the unit or your nearest SHARP
Service Center.
Operating the unit in DRY CLOTHES or CONTINUOUS DEHUMIDIFY mode for long
periods causes the room temperature to rise and the air to dry out. Do not operate
the unit for long periods in rooms where people are present.
Keep the unit at least 2 m away from a TV, radio or wave clock.
Otherwise the unit may cause radio interference.
Do not bend
the drain hose.
20cm min.
When moving the unit, drain water first from
the tank. Move its caster
by grasping the carrying
handle firmly so that the
dehumidifier may not be
Otherwise this can cause
injuries or damage to the floor.
Make sure to operate this product
only on level, stable surfaces.
An uneven surface may cause stored water to spill
and to make household furniture or appliances wet,
or to cause electric shock, short circuits or fire.
If the unit is continuously being used for a long
period of time, make sure to inspect it regularly.
Otherwise overheating or electrical short
circuits may result.
When operating the unit for a prolonged
period in the same location, check for
dirt under and around the unit.
Move the unit occasionally and clean the
floor under it.
Whenever the unit is to
long period, make sure
to unplug the unit for
Otherwise, electric shock
or fire may result.
] indicator
Keep at least 2 m away

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