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Preparations Before Using - Sharp DW-R268A Operation Manual

Sharp dw-r268a dehumidifier operation manual
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Preparations Before Using

Before operating
Insert the plug into the power socket.
If the ÒFull Tank indicatorÓ blinks, empty the water tank and reinstall the tank
While in operation, the unit operates in PLASMACLUSTER ION
operation in all modes.
* PLASMACLUSTER ION operation alone is not possible.
To stop PLASMACLUSTER ION operation, press the PLASMACLUSTER
ION button. The PLASMACLUSTER (Clean) indicator will go off.
To resume operation, press the PLASMACLUSTER ION button again.
HUMIDITY indicator
After pl u ggi n g the power pl u g i n to the wal l outl e t and pressi n g ON of the
POWER ON/OFF button, the humi d i t y sensor acti v ates for about 1 mi n ute.
Duri n g thi s peri o d, the HUMIDITY i n di c ator wi l l bl i n k.
Normally the room temperature
is not displayed, but when it
rises above 41¡C or drops below
0¡C, the display blinks as shown
at right, indicating that the
allowable operating temperature
range has been exceeded.
AUTO OFF function
In the event that the user forgets to turn off the unit, the AUTO OFF function automatically turns it off 12 hours
after it has been turned on, regardless of the operating mode.
When the OFF TIMER has been set, it has priority over the AUTO OFF TIMER.
The moment the OFF TIMER is released, the AUTO OFF TIMER is set automatically.
When operation starts, the 12-hour AUTO OFF TIMER is set automatically.
The AUTO OFF TIMER operates even when the TANK FULL indicator lights during operation and
the unit stops. After 12 hours, the TANK FULL indicator will go off and all operations stop.
Notifications after operation stop
12 hours after the unit has been turned on, the following
notifications are issued and all operations stop.
A beep sounds for 1 second.
The OFF TIMER indicator blinks.
] appears on the LED display.
To release operation stop
Press the POWER ON/OFF button.
A beep sounds, and the unit enters normal
operation standby mode.
To resume operation, press the POWER ON/OFF button twice. After pressing once, the AUTO OFF
indicator goes off, and after pressing again, operation starts.
Do not remove the blue part inside the float.
(The humidity in the indication example is 68%.)
When ON of the POWER ON/OFF button
i s pressed, the humi d i t y i s i n di c ated.
The displayed humidity is a
guideline value, and may differ
from the actual room humidity.
Room temperature more than 41¡C
Room temperature less than 0¡C
Releasing AUTO OFF function to dehumidify for a long period
To dehumidify with continuous drainage, refer to
There may occasionally be water in the water tank when
the unit is operated for the first time. This is the drain
water generated when the product was inspected at the
factory and does not indicate a problem with the unit.
Displayed when the room
humidity exceeds 81%.
Displayed when the room
humidity is below 39%.
Digital display :
AUTO OFF TIMER indicator : blinking

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