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Before Calling For Service - Sharp DW-R268A Operation Manual

Sharp dw-r268a dehumidifier operation manual
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Before Calling for Service

Unit does not operate
when power ON/OFF
button is pressed.
capacity has dropped.
Humidity does not reduce
in any of the operating mode.
Displayed humidity is
different from actual
operating sound.
Operation is noisy.
Water is leaking.
The unit repeats operating
and stopping.
] lights on the LED
display and operation stops.
Error Codes
LED Display
Is the water tank installed properly?
Is the water tank full?
Is the unit plugged in properly?
Has there been a power failure?
Is the LED display displaying [
If it is, disconnect the power plug and contact the shop where you purchased the unit.
Is the filter clogged?
Is the air outlet or intake obstructed?
Is the temperature and humidity of your room too low?
Is the room too large?
Are there much opening and closing of a window or an entrance?
Are there any appliances which make steam such as an oilstove?
Displayed humidity is changed suddenly by opening and closing of a window or
an entrance, changing the wind direction when operation is beginning. It is normal.
Displayed humidity indicates the ambient humidity around the unit.
This may be different to the humidity in a different location in the same room.
This sound is generated during CLUSTER ION operation.
If the sound bothers you at bedtime, move the unit further away.
Depending on the humidity in the room, the operating noise may become
louder or less loud, or at times no sound may be heard at all. There is no
relationship with the CLUSTER ION effect.
Is the dehumidifier properly installed on a stable base?
Is the floor flat?
When the unit starts its operation at a low temperature, the sound might increase
for several seconds. (The time depends on the temperature condition.)
Has the unit been knocked over, or has it been tilted or dropped?
Is the pipe connection or hose connection for continuous drainage in place?
Is the humidity being automatically controlled using AUTO DEHUMIDIFY,
(See pages E-9 ~ E-11.)
If [
] continues to appear after checking the problem based on page E-4,
"Cautions for Use", disconnect the power plug and contact the shop
where you purchased the product or your nearest SHARP Service Center.
Defrosting exceeded 30 minutes
Defrosting thermistor defective
Room temperature sensor defective
Power clock abnormal
Gas leak detected
Compressor locked
Check Points
Disconnect the power
plug and contact the
shop where you
purchased the product.

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