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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual: Media Page Menu; 1: Load

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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If sample data RAM is not installed, .KMP, .KSF, .KSC,
.AIF, .WAV, and AKAI files can be recognized but not
loaded. In this case, a message of "Memory overflow"
will be displayed.
Files handled by the TRITON Le have the following struc-
ture. Since .PCG and .SNG files can be opened to divide
their contents, they are displayed as directory icons.
( p.139)


In Media mode you can press the [F1]–[F4] keys located
below the tab to select the desired page.
Load the contents of the selected file or directory
into internal memory. (
Save various from internal memory to SmartMe-
dia or other media. (
Rename, copy, or delete a selected SmartMedia
or file, create a new directory, or specify the date
and time. (
Media Information View information on the selected media.
1.1–1: Load
Here you can load a selected file or directory into internal
Use the [F5] ("UP") key and [F6] ("OPEN") key to select the
desired file or directory. Then use the Utility "Load selected"
(1.1–1f) to select and load the data.
b1 b2
1.1–1a: Current directory
The directory currently selected for processing is referred to
as the "current directory."
The LCD screen will show the full path name of the direc-
tory. A slash "/" character is used as the delimiter between
directory levels. To change the current directory, use the [F5]
("UP") key and [F6] ("OPEN") key.
1.1–1b: Directory window
Directory window
File information for the current directory is shown here.
You can select a file or directory in this window.
b1: File index
This displays the file index.
b2: File/icon
The icon indicates the type of file.
For details on icons,
b3: File name
This is the name of the file (DOS file).
If the Utility "Translation" (1.1–1f) is checked, the DOS file-
name of a .KMP (Korg multisample parameter) file or .KSF
(Korg sample file) that is loaded will be replaced in the dis-
play by the multisample name or sample name that you
specified in Sampling mode.
b4: Size
This is the size of the file (in bytes).
b5: Save date and time
This shows the date and time when the file was saved. From
the left, this is shown as day, month, year, hours and min-
However since the TRITON Le does not contain an internal
calendar or clock, you must use "Set Date/Time" (1.1–3a) to
set the date and time before saving the file.
1.1–1c: Media select
Selects the device (SmartMedia slot or hard disk etc.) that
will be used for loading and saving.
When you press the [MEDIA] key or a function key to make
the TRITON Le recognize the media, the volume label of
that media will be displayed. If the media has no volume
label, the display will indicate "no label." If the media has
not been formatted, the display will indicate "Unformat-
If the EXB-SMPL option is installed and the TRITON Le is
recognizing multiple media volumes connected to the SCSI
connector, use the [INC]/[DEC] keys to select the media.
If the EXB-SMPL is not installed or if no external SCSI
devices are connected to the SCSI connector of the EXB-
SMPL, only SmartMedia can be selected.
1.1–1d: File select
The file/directory selected in the directory window will be
shown in "Index:" The total number of files in the current
directory is shown in "(/)."
Use the [
], [
] keys to choose File Select, and use the
numeric keys to directly select the file or directory to be
1.1–1e: UP, OPEN
Select the current directory.
Use the [F5] ("UP") key and [F6] ("OPEN") key to select the
current directory.
: Move to the higher directory.
: Move to a lower directory.
1.1–1f: UTILITY
For details on how to select the desired utility function, refer
to "PROG 1.1–1c: UTILITY."


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