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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual: 2: Prog (timbre Program)

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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1.1–2: Prog
(Timbre Program)
Indicates the program that will be used by each timbre.
1.1–2a: Bank, Combi Select, Cat.Hold, 10's Hold,
Combi Select (Combination Select)
Cat. (Cat. HOLD)
10's (10's HOLD)
In the same way as in the Combi page, select a combination
and set the tempo of the arpeggiator. ( 1.1–1a)
1.1–2b: Timbre Number & Category
Timbre Number & Categor y 1...8
This displays the timbre number and an abbreviated cate-
gory name.
1.1–2c: Program Select, Program Name
Program Select
Indicates the program that will be used by each timbre.
When "Program Select" is selected, you can use the Bank
[A]–[GM] key, VALUE controller to select a program.
"Program Select" settings can also be made in the Prog page
of 2.1: Ed-Prog/Mix.
You can also use Utility "Select by Category" to select pro-
grams by category.
You can move to timbres "T1"–"T8" by holding down
the [TIMBRE/TRACK] key and pressing one of the
[F1](T1/T9)–[F8](T8/T16) keys.
When you select a combination on this instrument, a
MIDI program change for the selected combination
number will be transmitted on the global MIDI channel
"MIDI Channel" (GLOBAL 2.1–1a). At the same time,
bank select, program change, and volume (CC#7) mes-
sages will be transmitted on the MIDI channel specified
for each timbre that is set to "Status" (3.1–1a) of EXT or
EX2. However, these messages will not be transmitted
for timbres that are set to the same MIDI channel as the
global MIDI channel. In this case, EX2 timbres will
show the "Program Select" Bank as "–", and will trans-
mit the bank number that was specified in "Bank (EX2)
MSB"and "Bank (EX2) LSB" (3.1–1a).
MIDI messages transmitted when you operate this
instrument are transmitted on the global MIDI channel.
At the same time, timbres whose "Status" is EXT or EX2
will transmit the same messages on their own MIDI
If bank select and program change messages are
received on a MIDI channel that matches the MIDI
channel of a timbre whose "Status" (3.1–1a) is INT, the
program of that timbre will change. However if the
MIDI channel of the incoming message matches the
global MIDI channel "MIDI Channel," then the combi-
nation will change.
If you do not want the combination to change, you can
either change the global MIDI channel so that it does
not match the channel on which the program change
messages are being received, or you can uncheck
"Combi (Combi Change)" (GLOBAL 2.1–1b). Alter-
nately, you can uncheck "Bank (Bank Change)" (GLO-
BAL 2.1–1b) so that only the program number will
change and the bank will remain the same.
[Bank A...C]
If you wish to change a program without changing the
[0...127: name]
combination, you can also set "Program Change" (4.1–
1a) so that the program will change on certain timbres
but not on others.
[040...240, EXT]
Program Name
This displays part of the program name selected for the tim-
bre. In the case of the the GM drums bank, drums bank (d)
will be indicated.
1.1–2d: Selected Timbre Information
This shows information on the timbre (1–8) that is currently
selected for editing.
Timbre No.: Bank No., Prog No.: and name
This shows the timbre number, and the program bank, num-
ber and name selected for that timbre.
This shows the MIDI and internal tone generator status for
each track.
This shows the MIDI channel number specified for the tim-
1.1–2e: UTILITY
"Write Combination," "Solo Selected Timbre" (1.1–1c)
For details on how to select the desired utility function, refer
to "PROG 1.1–1c: UTILITY."
Select by Category
(Category/Combi, Categor y/Prog T1...T8)
Combinations or the programs used by each timbre can be
selected by category.
If you have selected "Combi Select," selecting Utility "Select
by Category" will access the Category/Combi dialog box,
allowing you to select a combination by category. ( p.32)
(INT, Off, EXT, EX2)
(01...16, Gch)


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