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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual Page 39

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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This is the combination category display.
All combinations are organized into sixteen categories. You
can select a category, and then select from combinations that
belong to that category.
To select combinations by category, use "Cat.HOLD" and
Utility "Select by Category." ( PROG 1.1–1a)
To specify the category for a combination, use Utility
"Write Combination" (1.1–1c). To modify a category
name, use "Category Name Comb. 00–07, 08–15"
(GLOBAL 4.1–3/4).
Press the [./HOLD] key and the display will indicate
. The category will be held (fixed). ( PROG 1.1–
To cancel, press the [./HOLD] key twice to turn off the
10's HOLD
When you press the [./HOLD] key a second time, the dis-
play will indicate
nation number will be fixed. ( PROG 1.1–1a)
To cancel, press the [./HOLD] key to turn off the
Sets the tempo of the arpeggiator. This can be adjusted by
EXT will be displayed if "MIDI Clock" (GLOBAL 2.1–1a) is
set to External, and the arpeggiator will synchronize to the
MIDI clock received from an external MIDI device.
This parameter can also be set from 6.1: Ed-Arp.
1.1–1b: Combination Information
This displays information for the selected combination. The
functions assigned to [SW1], [SW2], and REALTIME CON-
TROLS B-mode [ASSIGNABLE 1–4] knobs will be dis-
1.1–1c: UTILITY
For details on how to select the desired utility function, refer
to "PROG 1.1–1c: UTILITY."
Write Combination
This command writes an edited combination into this
instrument's internal memory. Be sure to write any combi-
nation that you wish to keep. If the power is turned off or a
different combination selected before you write an edited
combination, your edits cannot be recovered.
For the procedure, refer to "Write Program" (PROG 1.1–1c).
If you use "Category" to specify a category for the combina-
tion that you are writing, you will be able to select it by cate-
gory when selecting combinations in COMBI 1.1: Play.
[00...15: name]
, and the first digit of the combi-
[040...240, EXT]
When you press the [REC/WRITE] key, the "Update
Combination" dialog box will appear. Here also you
can write to the currently selected combination.
Solo Selected Timbre
The Solo function will alternately be switched on/off each
time you select "Solo Selected Timbre."
1 From the utility menu, choose "Solo Selected Timbre,"
and press the [F8] ("OK") key to execute the command.
When you execute this, a check mark will appear at the
left of the "Solo Selected Timbre" menu item, and the
Solo function will be on.
2 In pages that show parameters for an individual timbre,
you can select a timbre to Solo (in 1.1: Play, Prog page
"Program Select," etc.) so that only that timbre will
sound and the other timbres will be muted. The "Selected
Timbre Information" (1.1–2d) in each page will indicate
To solo a different timbre, select a parameter of the tim-
bre that you wish to solo.
You can move to timbres "T1"–"T8" by holding down
the [TIMBRE/TRACK] key and pressing one of the
[F1](T1/T9)–[F8](T8/T16) keys.
3 To defeat the Solo function, choose "Solo Selected Tim-
bre" from the utility menu once again, and press the [F8]
("OK") key to cancel it.
If a timbre that is muted by the Solo function has been
set to a "Status" (3.1–1a) of EXT or EX2, MIDI note-on/
off messages will not be transmitted by that timbre.
Select by Categor y
Selects a combination by category.
For the procedure, refer to "Select by Category" ( p.2)


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