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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual: Smpl 5.1: Memory; 1: Memory (free Memory); 2: No. (free Number); Smpl 5.2: Controller

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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SMPL 5.1: Memory

5.1–1: Memory
5.1–1a: Free Memory
This shows the remaining amount of memory (the time
available for sampling, the size of the sample files that can
be loaded in Media mode, or the size available for editing)
in RAM banks 1–4. The amount is shown in seconds, bytes,
and a percentage (%). The display will depend on the
amount of memory that is installed ( "Bank" 1.1–2a).
5.1–1b: UTILITY
"Delete SMPL," "Delete MS" (1.1–3f)
5.1–2: No.
(Free Number)
5.1–2a: Free Number
This shows the maximum number of samples available in
Sampling mode for multisamples and samples. The remain-
ing number is also shown as a percentage (%) of the maxi-
[0000...0999/1000 000...099%]
[0000...4000/4000 000...100%]
Sample in MS
[0000...3999/4000 000...099%]
5.1–2b: UTILITY
"Delete SMPL," "Delete MS" (1.1–3f)
(Free Memory)

SMPL 5.2: Controller

5.2–1: Ctrls
Specifies the functions that the [SW1], [SW2] key, and the B-
mode functions of the REALTIME CONTROLS knobs [1]–[4]
will have in Sampling mode.
These controllers can be used to make realtime changes in
effect dynamic modulation functions etc. while you sample.
In Sampling mode, it is not possible to use AMS to con-
trol program parameters.
5.2–1a: Knob B Assign
Here you can assign the B-mode functions (mainly various
types of control change) for the front panel REALTIME
CONTROLS knobs [1]–[4] ( p.221 "Realtime Control Knobs
B Assign List"). The functions you specify here will operate
when the front panel REALTIME CONTROLS knobs [1]–[4]
are operated in B-mode.
Knob1–B (Knob1–B Assign)
Knob2–B (Knob2–B Assign)
Knob3–B (Knob3–B Assign)
Knob4–B (Knob4–B Assign)
Example settings
Here's how you can assign knob [1] (B-mode) to control the
"Wet/Dry" balance of the 44: St/Cross Dly effect selected
for IFX, and use knob [2] (B-mode) to control the "Pan" after
the IFX in realtime while you sample.
1 Set "BUS (IFX) Select" (1.1–3a) to IFX.
2 Select 44: St/Cross Dly for "IFX" (7.1–1).
3 Set "IFX On/Off" (7.1–1) to ON.
4 Set the IFX page "W/D" setting to Dry, "Src" to Kb1[+],
and "Amt" to +50. " (7.1–2)
5 In Knobs B Assign, set "Knob 1–B" to Knob Mod.1
(CC#17), and set "Knob 2–B" to IFX Pan (CC#08).
6 Press the [SELECT] key to make the "B" LED light.
7 Rotate knob [1], [2] and the panning of the external input
sound and the delay level will change. You can sample
the sound while you modify it.
5.2–1b: SW1/2 Assign
Here you canassign the functions of the [SW1] and [SW2]
keys ( p.220 "SW1, SW2 Assign List").
SW1 (SW1 Assign)
SW1 Mode
SW2 (SW2 Assign)
SW2 Mode
( PROG 2.2–1b)
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...AfterT Lock :N/A]
[Toggle, Momentar y]
[Off...AfterT Lock :N/A]
[Toggle, Momentar y]


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