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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual: Dynamic Modulation Source (dmod); Dynamic Modulation Source List

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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Dynamic Modulation Source
You can control certain effect parameters using the joystick,
REALTIME CONTROLS knobs, etc. "on the fly." Controlling
effects in this way is referred to as Dynamic Modulation.
For example, you can use After Touch to speed up the LFO
of the chorus and flanger, or you can use the joystick to acti-
vate the wah effect. In this way, you will be able to take full
advantage of the effects as part of the expressive potential of
your TRITON Le.
Most of the parameters for dynamic modulation consist of
parameter values for "(Source)" and "(Amount)." The
"(Source)" field selects the modulation source, and
"(Amount)" sets the amount of dynamic modulation effect.
When the modulation source is set to the maximum value,
the actual degree of the effect will be the parameter value
plus the "(Amount)" value.
Example: "W/D (Wet/Dry)" 10:90, "(Source)" AfterT,
"(Amount)" +50
In this case, the effect balance is 10:90. As you apply After
Touch, the percentage of the effect sound will increase.

Dynamic Modulation Source List

Source name
G1+Dmp (Gate1+Damper)
G2+Dmp (Gate2+Damper)
Note No. (Note Number)
Vel (Velocity)
AfterT (After Touch)
JS X (Joy Stick X)
JS+Y#1 (Joy Stick +Y: CC#01)
JS-Y#2 (Joy Stick -Y: CC#02)
Pdl#4 (Foot Pedal: CC#04)
FX1#12 (FX Control1: CC#12)
FX2#13 (FX Control2: CC#13)
Rbn#16 (Ribbon: CC#16)
Sld#18 (Value Slider: CC#18)
Kb1#17 (Knob Mod1: CC#17)
Kb2#19 (Knob Mod2: CC#19)
Kb3#20 (Knob Mod3: CC#20)
Kb4#21 (Knob Mod4: CC#21)
Kb1[+] (Knob Mod1: CC#17 [+])
Kb2[+] (Knob Mod2: CC#19 [+])
Kb3[+] (Knob Mod3: CC#20 [+])
Kb4[+] (Knob Mod4: CC#21 [+])
Dmp#64 (Damper: CC#64)
Prt#65 (Portamento Switch: CC#65)
Sos#66 (Sosutenuto: CC#66)
SW1#80 (SW1 Mod.: CC#80)
SW2#81 (SW2 Mod.: CC#81)
FSW#82 (Foot Switch: CC#82)
This is the control change number.
This indicates a controller or a function assigned to a controller on the TRITON/TRITONpro/TRITONproX. The con-
troller and the type of MIDI messages it transmits will depend on the type of connected MIDI instr ument.
When After Touch is at its maximum, the effect balance will
be 60:40.
The dynamic modulation effect will not be affected if
you modify the "(Amount)" value while dynamic mod-
ulation is being applied. The change will become effec-
tive when you operate the dynamic modulation source
Refer to the corresponding effect section for an explanation
of other dynamic modulation parameters.
In the table of parameters for each effect, dynamic modula-
tion parameters are marked by a
of the parameter.
dynamic modulation is not used
note on/off
note on + damper on/off
note on/off (retrigger)
note on + damper on/off (retrigger)
note number
after touch (Channel After Touch)
joystick X (horizontal) direction
joystick +Y (away) direction (CC#01)
joystick –Y (toward yourself) direction (CC#02)
assignable foot pedal (CC#04)
MIDI effect control 1(CC#12)
MIDI effect control 2(CC#13)
MIDI CC#16: controller (ribbon controller*)
MIDI CC#18: Controller (Value Slider*)
realtime control knob 1 in B-mode (knob modulation 1 CC#17)
realtime control knob 2 in B-mode (knob modulation 2 CC#19)
realtime control knob 3 in B-mode (knob modulation 3 CC#20)
realtime control knob 4 in B-mode (knob modulation 4 CC#21)
realtime control knob 1 in B-mode [+]
realtime control knob 2 in B-mode [+]
realtime control knob 3 in B-mode [+]
realtime control knob 4 in B-mode [+]
damper pedal (CC#64)
portamento switch (CC#65)
sostenuto pedal (CC#66)
assignable panel switch 1 (SW1 modulation CC#80)
assignable panel switch 2 (SW2 modulation CC#81)
assignable foot switch (CC#82)
MIDI Control Change (CC#83)
tempo (internal clock or external MIDI clock tempo data)
Dynamic Modulation (Example)
Wet / Dry
Wet / Dry=10:90
Amt= +50
Wet / Dry=60:40
Amt= –50
symbol at the right
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( p.218)
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( p.218)
( p.218)
( p.218)
( p.218)
( p.218)
( p.218)
( p.218)
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( p.218)
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