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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual Page 154

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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ble to export as a .AIF, .WAV format
Smpl AIF/WAV")
If the data that is loaded as a sample contains a loop
point, you can set "S.Ofs(Start Offset)" (PROG 2.1–2b,
GLOBAL 5.1–1b) on the TRITON Le so that the sound
will begin from the loop point.
If the end (11th and 12th characters) of the sample name
is "-L" and "-R," the "-L" and "-R" will automatically
be moved to the end of the TRITON Le's sample name
(15th and 16th characters).
When you load two files whose sample names are iden-
tical except for ending in "-L" and "-R," and assign
them to a stereo multisample in Sampling mode, they
will be recognized as a stereo sample.
Sample files
AKAI S1000/S3000
Loop points Multiple settings possible
Loop length Settable with resolution
of less than one sample
You can load multiple files within the directory.
( p.145)
28) Load AKAI Program File:
The selected Program file will be loaded as a multisample.
When the loaded data is saved to storage media, a Program
file will be saved as a .KMP file, and a Sample file will be
saved as a .KSF file.
1 To load the data, press the [F8] ("OK") key. To cancel
without loading, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
The data will be loaded into the numbers that follow the
last multisample or sample number currently existing in
sample data RAM (i.e., that were previously sampled or
loaded). In this case, only the valid program files and
samples files will be loaded (Append load).
If the Sample files used by the Program file are not in the
current directory or below it, a dialog box will appear,
allowing you to specify the directory. Use the procedure
"If the file to load cannot be found,..." ( p.141) to load
the required Sample files.
Since overflow checking of sample data RAM is per-
formed when loading each individual Sample file, it is
possible that an overflow may occur in the middle of
the loading process.
If a loaded multisample is assigned samples whose
sample names end in "-L" and "-R," an "-L" and "-R"
will automatically be added to the end (15th and 16th
characters) of the multisample name.
When you load two multisamples whose multisample
names are identical except for ending in "-L" and "-R,"
they will be recognized in Sampling mode as a stereo
You can load multiple files within the directory.
( p.145)
p.150 "Export
TRITON Le format after
Of the multiple loop points,
the settings for the first
HOLD loop are used.
If there is no HOLD loop,
use the longest loop
Resolution of less than one
sample is ignored
selected icon
About AKAI Program files
The TRITON Le will load only the key-map related param-
eters from the Program file.
AKAI format uses the concept of "key groups." For each
key zone, up to four samples can be assigned, and these
four can be switched or crossfaded by velocity. Key zones
can also be crossfaded.
On the TRITON Le, in contrast, there is one sample for
each key zone, and you can use up to four multisamples to
create a key map in the order of the velocity of each key
group. It is not possible to crossfade key zones.
An AKAI format Program file "TESTPROGRAM" consists
of four key groups, and each key group consists of up to
three velocity zones. Key groups 1 and 2 are a layer whose
low range is the same. When this is loaded into the
TRITON Le, three multisamples will be created, collected
by velocity zone, and the numerals 1, 2, and 3 will be
appended to each multisample name. At this time, the top
key will be determined by the bottom key of the sample
that is assigned at the right, and if the bottom key is the
same (key groups 1 and 2 in the diagram), the higher-num-
bered key group will be used.
Program file
Key Group 1
Zone 1
Key Group 1
Zone 2
Key Group 2
Zone 1
Key Group 2
Zone 2
Key Group 3
Key Group 3
Key Group 3
Key Group 2
Zone 1
Key Group 3
Key Group 2
Zone 2
Key Group 3
Key Group 3
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Key Group 4
Zone 1
Key Group 4
Zone 2
Zone 1
Key Group 4
Zone 1
Zone 2
Key Group 4
Zone 2
Zone 3


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