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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual Page 115

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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3 Range "Start" and "End" will show the range of data that
will be edited.
4 Use "Truncate" to select the portion that will be deleted.
Front & End: The sample data that lies before the "Start"
and after the "End" will be deleted.
Front: The sample data that lies before the "Start" (start
address) will be deleted.
End: The sample data that lies after the "End" (end
address) will be deleted.
5 In "Save to No.," specify the save destination sample
number. By default, an unused sample number will be
For a stereo sample, "Save to No.(L), (R)" will be
displayed. Specify the save destination sample number
for the L channel and R channel respectively.
6 If you wish to delete the original sample data and over-
write it with the edited sample data, check "Overwrite".
Normally, you will leave "Save to No." at its default set-
ting, and execute without checking "Overwrite." ( p.99
: About "Overwrite"")
7 To execute the Truncate command, press the [F8] ("OK")
key. To cancel, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
Time Slice
Time Slice detects the attacks (e.g., kick and snare) within a
rhythm loop sample (a sample that loops a drum pattern,
etc.), and automatically divides the sample into individual
percussion instrument notes. The divided percussion instru-
ment notes will be created as individual samples, and auto-
matically assigned as a multisample and program. Song
performance data corresponding to the divided samples will
also be created, so that in Sequencer mode you can adjust
the tempo of the song to change only the tempo of the
rhythm loop without affecting the pitch. The performance
data that is created will use notes D2 and above, corre-
sponding to the newly created samples of individual percus-
sion instruments.
In addition to changing only the tempo of the rhythm loop
without affecting the pitch, this makes it possible for you to
exchange note numbers, to change the timing, or to edit the
sequence data to freely recreate the original rhythm loop.
Time Slice also allows you to change the pitch of the track
without affecting the tempo for new creative possibilities.
This command can also be executed on a stereo sample.
As an alternative to Utility "Time Slice," the Utility
"Time Stretch" (3.1–2e) command can also be used to
change the tempo without affecting the pitch of a
rhythm loop sample etc. "Time Stretch" is suitable
when you do not need to divide the sample or to create
multi playback data for the divided sample.
Original rhythm sample: Sample0
Execute the Time Slice command
A multisample and program will be
created automatically
Play in Sequencer mode
Played further apart, but pitch is unchanged
* You can also use the Time Stretch command to control the compression of
each sample to optimize the "spacing" to match the tempo.
Edit the performance data
Played closer together,
but pitch is unchanged


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