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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual: 4: Media Information

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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4 Press the [F5] ("Name") key to move to the text dialog
box, and specify the "Volume Label" ( BG p.43).
When the dialog box appears, "Volume Label" will show
the volume label that had been specified before format-
ting. If a media that has no volume label or a non-DOS
media is inserted, this will indicate "NEW VOLUME."
5 Specify the initialization format. Normally you should
use Quick Format to initialize the media, and use Full
Format if an error message of "Media not Formatted"
Quick Format: Selects this if the media has already been
physically formatted. Since only the system area of the
media need be formatted, this will require less time.
Full Format: Selects this when formatting media that has
not been physically formatted. You should also select this
type of formatting if writing errors occur frequently with
this media.
It is not necessary to perform a Full Format on SCSI
media that has been physically formatted at 512 bytes/
block. Perform the Quick Format for such media.
The TRITON Le cannot format media with a format of
other than 512 bytes/block (such as 640 MB, 1.3 GB MO
disks etc.).
6 To format the media, press the [F8] ("OK") key. To cancel
without formatting, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
A maximum of 4 GB can be formatted on an external
SCSI device connected via the EXB-SMPL (sold sepa-
1.1–4: Media Information
1.1–4a: Media (Media select)
This displays information on the media that is selected by
"Media Select."
1.1–1c: Media select
Vol. Label (Volume Label):
The volume label of the media.
The specified SCSI ID. If the TRITON Le's internal Smart-
Media slot is selected, "–" will be displayed.
Dev. Type (Device Type):
The type of media.
Product ID:
The vendor ID, product, and product version, etc.
Format (Format Type):
The type of format. If not formatted, this will indicate
Total Size:
The capacity of the media (in bytes).
Free Size:
The free capacity of the media (in bytes).
Write Protect:
The write protect status of the media. This will indicate
"On" if protected, or "Off" if not protected.
Removable (Supports Removable):
This will indicate "Yes" if the media of the selected device
can be removed (e.g., SmartMedia, MO disc, removable
hard disk). If the media is fixed, this will be "No."
1.1–4b: UTILITY
Scan SCSI device
This command allows you to re-mount a connected SCSI
device if the EXB-SMPL option is installed.
1 From the Utility menu, select "Scan SCSI device."
The currently-connected SCSI devices will be re-scanned
(if the EXB-SMPL option is installed). Once scanning is
completed, any valid SCSI device can be selected in
"Media Select."
Never connect or disconnect a SCSI cable while the
power of the TRITON Le or of a SCSI device is turned
on. Doing so can cause irreparable malfunctions.


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