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Korg TRITON Le Electric Keyboard Parameter Manual: 5: Audit. (audition); Prog 2.2: Ed-ctrl; 1: Ctrls (controls)

Korg electric keyboard parameter guide.
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2.1–5: Audit.
When selecting preloaded programs, you can play back a
pre-specified riff (phrase) that is suitable for the sound of
that program. This is called the Audition function.
When you press the [AUDITION] key to turn it on, the audi-
tion riff will play back repeatedly.
Here you can select the audition riff and specify the transpo-
2.1–5a: Audition Riff, Transpose
Audition Riff
Selects the audition riff. The TRITON Le contains 383 audi-
tion riffs suitable for a variety of instruments and musical
genres. ( "VNL")
With a setting of 000: Off, no riff will be played.
Adjusts the pitch of the audition riff in semitone steps.
It is not possible to change the playback tempo of the
audition riff. Nor is it possible to set the arpeggiator
tempo while the audition riff is playing.
The arpeggiator will be turned off while the audition
riff is playing.
2.1–5b: UTILITY
"Write Program" (1.1–1c)
[000: Off...383: Name]
PROG 2.2: Ed–Ctrl
These settings specify the B-mode functions of the REAL-
TIME CONTROLS knobs [1]–[4] in Program mode, and the
functions of the [SW1] key, the [SW2] key.
2.2–1: Ctrls
2.2–1a: Knob B Assign
Here you can assign functions (mainly various types of con-
trol change) to the B-mode of the REALTIME CONTROLS
knobs [1]–[4] ( p.221 "Realtime Control Knobs B Assign
The functions you set here will take effect when you operate
the REALTIME CONTROLS knobs [1]–[4] in B-mode.
Knob1–B (Knob1–B Assign)
Knob2–B (Knob2–B Assign)
Knob3–B (Knob3–B Assign)
Knob4–B (Knob4–B Assign)
2.2–1b: SW1/2 Assign
These settings assign functions to [SW1] and [SW2] keys
( p.220 "SW1, SW2 Assign List").
SW1 Assign
Here you can assign a function to the [SW1] key.
The on/off status of the switch is saved when the program is
written. When you change the function, it will be reset to the
"off" state.
SW1 Mode
Specifies the on/off state that will occur when you press the
[SW1] key.
Toggle: The key will alternate on/off each time you press
[SW1] key.
Momentary: The key will be on only while you continue
holding [SW1] key.
SW2 Assign
SW2 Mode
Here you can assign a function to [SW2] key.
The functions that can be assigned to [SW2] key are the
same as for [SW1] key, with the exception of SW2 Mod.
(CC#81) instead of SW1 Mod. (CC#80).
Although the following values can be selected for "SW1
Assign" and "SW2 Assign," they will have no effect in
Data is compatible between this instrument and the
Rack. Programs created on the TRITON series can be
used by this instrument.
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...AfterT Lock]
[Toggle, Momentar y]
[Off...AfterT Lock]
[Toggle, Momentar y]


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