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Lens Installation - Hitachi SK-HD1500-S2 Operating Instructions Manual

Hd color camera
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Lens installation

Lens installation
Install according to the following procedure.
1. Raise the lens lever and remove the mount
2. Align the lens center mark with the indent at
the upper part of the lens mount and install
the lens.
The following adjustments may be required according to the type of lens.
1. Lens flange back
2. Lens white shading
3. Lens auto iris speed
4. Lens iris close limit (AUTO IRIS menu)
Refer to the lens instructions when using the lens.
1. RET switch: RET1 ON/OFF selected by RET1 SEL in the camera adapter. (Refer to page 10)
2. VTR switch: Work for TALK or RET-2 function with CUSTOM SW MENU setting.
RET2: RET2 ON/OFF selected by RET2 SEL in the camera adapter. (Refer to page 10)
3. EXTENDER: Extender LED in VF is lit and "E" is displayed on VF when EXTENDER is on.
3. Lower the lens lever to secure the lens.
4. Engage the cable with the cable clamp and
connect it to the lens connector.


Table of Contents

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