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Hitachi SK-HD1500 Brochure & Specs

Hitachi SK-HD1500 Brochure & Specs

High speed hd camera


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High speed HD Camera



Summary of Contents for Hitachi SK-HD1500

  • Page 1 High speed HD Camera...
  • Page 2 The pristine image starts with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of -58dB band of 4.5 Gbps are with a total of the SK-HD1500 transmission w h i c h i s a t t a i n e d b y e m p l o y i n g t h e l a t e s t U l t r a - A d v a n c e d , system.
  • Page 3: Lens Optimization

    Automatic vertical modulation shading adjustment The SK-HD1500 assures that with any lens used, an even, chroma response will be attained by the automatic vertical modulation shading Lens Files The SK-HD1500 can store 8 lens files which include various lens correction function.
  • Page 4 These functions The SK-HD1500 incorporates heavy duty mounts for both the ENG and Studio viewfinders. along with available 100VA of teleprompter monitor power and Viewfinder markers &...
  • Page 5 High-quality, Wide-band, Optical Digital Transmission and Camera Control System The CU-HD1500 and the CA-HF1500 constitute the camera control and transmission system for the new multi-standard camera SK-HD1500. The Camera Control Unit CU-HD1500 provides significantly reduced power consumption and improved functionality. SDI 1080i/720p/480i/ 576i inputs/outputs are offered as standard.
  • Page 6: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS High speed camera head SK-HD1500 /CA-HF1500 SK-HD1500 SK-HD1500-S2 : 2,010 ( H ) × 1,120 ( V ) 2.3 million pixels 2/3-inch, IT-CCD Total pixels Effective pixels : 1,920 ( H ) × 1,080 ( V ) Native Scan...
  • Page 7: System Configuration Chart

    Viewfinder adaptor SU-1000 AT-S951 Small Box Lens Lens Mounter Buildup Adaptor BU-1000 LM-C1000 (for Canon) LM-F1000 (for Fujinon) Memory card (SD card) Carrying case Portable Zoom Lens CL-1000 (for SK-HD1500/SU-1000/RU-1500JY) Lens Mounter LM-P1000 Studio Adaptor SA-1000 Interchangeability with the conventional model...
  • Page 8 Phone : (+1)416-299-5900, Fax : (+1)416-299-0450 Eastern Office 5795 Chemin St. Francois St. Laurent, Quebec H4S 1B6, Canada Hitachi Kokusai Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Phone : (+1)514-332-6687, Fax : (+1)514-335-1664 Beijing Branch Room 1415, Beijing Fortune Building, 5 Dong San Huan Bei-Lu,...

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