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White And Black Balance Adjustment - Hitachi SK-HD1500-S2 Operating Instructions Manual

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White and black balance adjustment

White balance adjustment
White balance will be adjusted to the best effort in the sequence of AWB (auto white balance), ABB
(auto black balance), and again AWB.
Readjustment is normally not required even at power off/on.
Be sure to adjust the white balance after changes in the lighting conditions.
White and black balance adjustment progress can be observed from the viewfinder screen.
1. The WHITE BAL switch is setup to A or B. GAIN and the WHITE BAL switch setting status is
indicated on the viewfinder screen (when display setting is ON with VF DISPLAY menu).
2. Set the FILTER SEL switch with lighting condition accordingly.
See Optical filter selection in page 22. When the filter is changed by the selection switch, the new
setting status will be indicated in the viewfinder for about 3 seconds.
3. Place a white pattern at a location subject to the same lighting
conditions as the scene. Use zoom function of the lens so that
the screen is white. A white object (e.g., cloth, wall) placed
near the scene of interest can be used provided the size is
adequate (see figure).
Use care a high luminosity light source, such as a spotlight, does
not enter the screen area.
4. Adjust the lens iris.
5. Set the AUTO W/B BAL switch to AWB for automatic white balance adjustment.
6. During adjustment, the following messages appear on the viewfinder screen.
7. Adjustment is completed in several seconds.
Adjustment in progress
A U T O W / B B A L sw i t ch
      C.TEMP : 3200K
Adjustment complete
FILTER switch
Set GAIN to as small a gain value as possible


Table of Contents

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