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Hitachi SK-HD1500-S2 Operating Instructions Manual page 13

Hd color camera
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Table of Contents
Outline and features
Extensive User-Friendly
Quick focus
Quick Focus automatically opens the iris then
sets the video level with the electric shutter.
With resulting shallow depth of focus, the exact
focus point can be set easily.
 User-Programmable Switches (CS-1)
The user can assign Zebra, marker, VFDTL,
Quick Focus, FAW or Digital Extender to either
of the programmable switches for ease of
Scene Files
Gain, detail, masking, gamma and other
settings can be stored in eight scene file
Audio test tone (1kHz) is output when color
bars are selected.
Microphone input accepts phantom power
Viewfinder displays
Two mode zebra
Menu selection of over-level or between range
zebra is provided.
Safety zone and center mark display
Focus assist indicator is displayed on a view
finder to help adjust focus position.
Auto focus lens area marker can be displayed.
High performance viewfinder (VF-402)
2-inch black and white CRT monitor, aspect
High VF resolution allows easy focusing.
Improved viewing angle and distance from eye
with employed larger VF lens.
Adjustable mechanical VF positioning and tilt
to set best viewing.
Built-in top tally
Red tally and green tally provided
Low center of gravity design.
Main operating switches are grouped forward
for easy access.
Featherweight design is ideal for portable use.
Remote control filter wheel
A convenient remote controller can be used to
select optical filters.
Studio system configurations
The SK-HD1500 can be constructed a fiber cable
The system can be used with remote control unit
RU-1500. Setup control unit SU-1000 can
control up to 12 camera systems. Up to 128
cameras can be controlled by setup control unit
SU-1000 with Ethernet operation mode. The
SA-1000 can be used with large size box lens.
The VF-L90HD 9-inch viewfinder for studio
Flexible system configuration
Accessories are common with SK-HD1000 series
cameras including VF, SA, Camera Cable, RU
and MSU.
Supporting various slow motion video server
Compatible with EVS and BLT slow motion
video severs.


Table of Contents

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