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Function Menu - Hitachi SK-HD1500-S2 Operating Instructions Manual

Hd color camera
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Function menu

There are three function menu setting methods in the camera system chain which
1) Setup control unit SU-1000 FUNCTION button and MENU button on LCD.
2) Remote control unit RU-1500 FUNCTION button and MENU button on LCD.
3) Camera head MENU button.
In this section, only describe for the camera head switches function menu. How
ever some of the camera head function & menu display settings are required from a
remote controller. These are noted in each section.
Also, categorized menu items are displayed in the VF or the PIX monitor location
where to see and set suitable camera operation.
Operation and menu screen
The display menu screen is shown on a view finder by pressing this button. The menu describes
the camera functions and structure with multiple pages. First page of structure is named Top menu.
This Top menu screen is appeared (ON) and disappeared (OFF) by pressing this MENU BUTTON.
Top Menu: Display in the viewfinder or the PIX monitor.
Top menu has three kind status screens depend on the camera operation and the monitoring location
and details are described as following pages.
Top menu has the major camera function items and the selection cursor in the screen which cursor
can be moved by rotating the MENU SEL knob. See above.
The cursor is located on the left side of the first line item in Top menu right after open it.
Move down the cursor to the major item with rotating the MENU SEL knob and press the MENU
SEL knob, then the screen change to Main menu.
MENU button


Table of Contents

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