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Warnings And Cautions When Using - Hitachi SK-HD1500-S2 Operating Instructions Manual

Hd color camera
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Warnings and cautions when using

Viewfinder lens hazard
Do not point the eyelens toward the sun or
other bright light source. There is danger of
physical burns and loss of eyesight.
Do not place the viewfinder with the lens
pointed toward the sun. There is risk of burn
damage to the viewfinder interior.
Power supply
The specified power supply input voltage of this
camera is 12VDC. Be sure to use the designated
power supply.
Do not disassemble or modify
components. Do not open the cover or disturb
switches and controls other than designated.
There is risk of impaired performance and
Keep foreign object out of interior
Entry of water, metallic or other foreign
materials can cause failure and damage.
Select use and storage locations carefully
Avoid using or storing the equipment in the
performance and damage can be caused.
Extremely hot or cold locations (exceeding -10
to 45°C), such as in enclosed vehicles.
Subject to strong vibration.
Humid or dusty locations.
Salt spray or corrosive gases.
Strong electromagnetic fields (e.g., near TV
or radio transmitters).
Where exposed to rain.
Do not cover or otherwise obstruct camera
heat dissipation during operation.
CCD characteristic phenomena
The following types of phenomena are innate characteristics of a charge coupled device (CCD) and
are not malfunctions. Be aware of these when using a CCD camera for broadcast or other
demanding applications.
When a bright object is picked up, thin trails appear above and below the
image. The effect is more pronounced at high electronic shutter speeds.
Fixed pattern
When operate at high temperature, a fixed pattern (vertical stripes,
white dots) can appear.
camera sensitivity is raised.
Viewfinder high voltage
Do not open the viewfinder cover.
danger of touching internal high voltage
When connecting and disconnecting
A lens, microphone and other cables, grasp the
connector by the body, not the attached cable.
Cables can be damaged by pulling on them.
Note when transporting
When transporting by hand, use the carrying
case. If shipping by truck or other means, pack
in the carrying case, then use further cushioning
and pack in a sturdy carton.
Use a recommended tripod and install the
camera correctly.
Use a photographers air blower to clear dust
from the lens and filters. Wipe the case with a
soft dry cloth. Do not use volatile solvents, as
these may deform the materials.
In event of difficulty
Disconnect from power and contact the nearest
Hitachi Kokusai Electric service agency.
The pattern is more easily seen when the
There is


Table of Contents

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