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Hitachi SK-HD1500-S2 Operating Instructions Manual page 31

Hd color camera
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Table of Contents
Viewfinder adjustment
Visibility adjustment
The focus can be fine adjusted to individual
1. Adjust the camera focus.
2. Turn the visibility ring to adjust the focus
of the viewfinder image.
1. When the hood is raised, do not look at the sun or other bright light through and eyepiece lens.
There is danger of eye damage.
2. When the hood is raised, do not place the camera where sunlight can pass through the
eyepiece lens. There is risk of damage to the camera and peripheral equipment, as well as a
hazard of fire.
3. Do not place with the viewfinder pointed toward the sun. Sunlight can be focused by the
eyepiece lens and damage the viewfinder interior.
Screen adjustments
Adjust the viewfinder screen with following controls.
Brightness: BRIGHT control
Contrast: CONTR control
Peaking: PEAKING control
When not using the eyecup, it can be raised out of the
way while pressing the flip-up button.


Table of Contents

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