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Skyrc iMAX B6 mini Instruction Manual page 6

Professional balance charger / discharger
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Fast and Storage Mode of Lithium Battery
Purposes to charge lithium battery varies, 'fast' charge reduce the duration of
charging, whereas 'store' state can control the final voltage of your battery, so as to
store for a long time and protect useful time of the battery.
Re-Peak Mode of NiMH/NiCd Battery
In re-peak charge mode, the charger can peak charge the battery once, twice or
three times in a row automatically. This is good for making certain the battery is fully
Delta-peak Sensitivity for NiMH/NiCd
Delta-peak sensitivity for NiMH/NiCd battery: The automatic charge termination
program based on the principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection. When the
battery's voltage exceeds the threshold, the process will be terminated automatically.
Cyclic Charging/Discharging
1 to 5 cyclic and continuous process of charge > discharge or discharge > charge is
operable for battery refreshing and balancing to stimulate the battery's activity.
Automatic Charging Current Limit
You can set up the upper limit of the charging current when charging your NiMH or
NiCd battery, it is useful for the NiMH battery of low impedance and capacity in the
'AUTO' charging mode.
LiPo Battery Meter
The user can check battery's total voltage, the highest voltage, the lowest voltage
and each cell's voltage.
Battery Internal Resistance Meter
The user can check battery's total internal resistance and each cell's internal
Capacity Limit
The charging capacity is always calculated as the charging current multiplied by
time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit, the process will be terminated
automatically when you set the maximum value.
Temperature Threshold*
The battery's internal chemical reaction will cause the temperature of the battery to
rise. If the temperature limit is reached, the process will be terminated.
This function is available by connecting optional temperature probe, which is not included in the package.
Processing Time Limit:
You can also limit the maximum process time to avoid any possible defect.
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