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Skyrc iMAX B6 mini Instruction Manual page 8

Professional balance charger / discharger
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Never attempt to charge or discharge the following types of batteries.
A battery pack which consists of different types of cells (including different
A battery that is already fully charged or just slightly discharged.
Non-rechargeable batteries (Explosion hazard).
Batteries that require a different charge technique from NiCd, NiMh, LiPo or Gel
cell (Pb, Lead acid).
A faulty or damaged battery.
A battery fitted with an integral charge circuit or a protection circuit.
Batteries installed in a device or which are electrically linked to other
Batteries that are not expressly stated by the manufacturer to be suitable for the
currents the charger delivers during the charge process.
Please bear in mind the following points before commencing charging:
Did you select the appropriate program suitable for the type of battery you are
Did you set up adequate current for charging or discharging?
Have you checked the battery voltage? Lithium battery packs can be wired in
parallel and in series, i.e. a 2 cell pack can be 3.7V (in parallel) or 7.4V (in
Have you checked that all connections are firm and secure?
Make sure there are no intermittent contacts at any point in the circuit.
During charge process, a specific quantity of electrical energy is fed into the
battery. The charge quantity is calculated by multiplying charge current by charge
time. The maximum permissible charge current varies depending on the battery
type or its performance, and can be found in the information by the battery
manufacturer. Only batteries that are expressly stated to be capable of quick-
charge are allowed to be charged at rates higher than the standard charge
Connect the battery to the terminal of the charger: red is positive and black is
negative. Due to the difference between resistance of cable and connector, the
charger can not detect resistance of the battery pack, the essential requirement
for the charger to work properly is that the charge lead should be of adequate
conductor cross-section, and high quality connectors which are normally gold-
plated should be fitted to both ends.
Always refer to the manual by battery manufacturer about charging methods,
recommended charging current and charging time. Especially, the lithium battery
should be charged according the charging instruction provided by the
manufacturer strictly.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents