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NEC Xen Alpha Manager's Manual

Digital voice mail system
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NEC Australia Pty Ltd
Release 2.0
December 2000


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 IGITAL OICE ’ YSTEM ANAGER UIDE NEC Australia Pty Ltd A6-506000-642-07 Release 2.0 December 2000...
  • Page 2 This page is intentionally blank.
  • Page 3: Disclaimer

    NEC shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages about the use of this equipment, manual or any related materials. The information in this technical manual is advisory in nature and is subject to change. NEC may make improvements and changes in the products described in this manual without notice.
  • Page 4 This page is intentionally blank. Page ii Technician’s Guide A6-506000-642-07 Release 2.0...
  • Page 5: Preface

    This book is intended to help in the installation, system administration, and maintenance of ENERAL the Xen Alpha Voice Mail. It is intended for use as a reference by anyone needing such NFORMATION information, including system managers, support personnel, sales representative, and account executives.
  • Page 6 This page is intentionally blank. Page iv Technician’s Guide A6-506000-642-07 Release 2.0...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Section 1 Welcome to Xen Alpha Voice Mail ....... . 1 1.1.
  • Page 8 Chapter 2 Planning Your System Section 1 How The System Handles Calls ........7 1.1.
  • Page 9 Section 6 Setting Your Operator’s Extension and Mailbox ....19 6.1. Operator Mailbox Greetings ........19 6.2.
  • Page 10 Section 5 Message Groups ..........33 Section 6 Monitoring System Status .
  • Page 11: System Overview

    HAPTER Xen Alpha Release 2.0 ECTIO N Xen Alpha Voice Mail (VM) allows you to configure your voice mail and call handling ELCOME TO system to best meets the needs of your organisation. The voice messaging system is LPHA OICE easy to use —...
  • Page 12: System Manager's Password

    Subscribers who use digital feature set phones can access their mailboxes directly by simply dialling the Xen Alpha Voice Mail from their own extensions. Because personal IDs are not private, each subscriber can set a secret security code to safeguard his or her mailbox. A subscriber may change this security code at any time.
  • Page 13: System Manager Responsibilities

    ECTIO N As system manager, you are responsible for the following tasks: YSTEM ANAGER ✆ helping the technician determine the best way to set up your system. ESPONSIBILITIES ✆ getting the people in your organisation started using the voice messaging system by recording greetings and training subscribers.
  • Page 14: Using The System Manager's Conversation

    To access the system manager’s conversation: 1. Call the extension for Xen Alpha Voice Mail (50 by default). (Refer to Setup Information Record on page -15.) 2. When you hear the opening greeting, enter the system manager’s password.
  • Page 15: System Manager's Conversation

    3.3. System Manager’s Conversation The system manager’s conversation allows you to setup and maintain the following options of the Xen Alpha Voice Mail. Each option can be reached by pressing the number given beside it in the option menu.This takes you to that section of the system manager’s conversation for that option.
  • Page 16: Call Routing

    3.3.6. Call Routing (Press 9) Edit Call Routing from Opening Greeting (Press 4) Edit Call Routing from Call Routing Boxes (Press 5) 3.3.7. Groups (Press 0) Group Maintenance Create a Group (Press 4) Edit a Group (Press 5) List group members (Press 6) Delete a group name (Press 7) Page 6 System Manager’s Guide, Chapter 1 –...
  • Page 17: Planning Your System

    2. To send a fax, press 3. For a directory of extensions, enter 800. Otherwise, please stay on the line and an operator will be right with you.” Several features of Xen Alpha Voice Mail can assist you in handling incoming calls to meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Page 18: Fax Routing, Detection, And Notification

    1.2.1. No Automated Attendant Xen Alpha Voice Mail is used for internal voice mail only. No outside lines are routed to the automated attendant. Rather, Xen Alpha Voice Mail is an extension on your telephone system that is available only to internal callers and callers transferred to it by the operator.
  • Page 19: Secondary Attendant

    Xen Alpha Voice Mail also answers calls dialled directly to the secondary telephone number. The point at which calls overflow to Xen Alpha Voice Mail depends on the number of external lines connected to your telephone system and the number of calls you receive.
  • Page 20: Planning Your Opening Greeting

    ECTIO N The opening greeting plays to a caller when the voice messaging system answers a LANNING call. During the opening greeting, callers can enter extension numbers, access the PENING system directory, or hold for assistance. So, you must plan your opening greeting to tell REETING callers the options that are available to them.
  • Page 21: Opening Greeting And System Schedule

    2.1. Opening Greeting And System Schedule Xen Alpha Voice Mail answers a call with one of three opening greetings, depending on the time of day and your system schedule. 2.1.1. Day Greeting “Hello. Thank you for calling Omni Corporation. If you are calling from a touch-tone telephone, you may enter the extension at any time.
  • Page 22: Determining The System Schedule

    When you define a schedule interval, you identify only the day mode. Xen Alpha Voice Mail automatically goes into night mode during the hours not included in the range you have identified.
  • Page 23: Your Organisation's Schedule

    2.3.2. Your Organisation’s Schedule You specify the system schedule for your organisation in the system manager’s conversation. If you have the same business hours every day you are open, such as: 8 A.M.–6 P.M., Mon.–Fri. Use interval A only Interval A: 8–6, Mon.–Fri.
  • Page 24 This page is intentionally blank. Page 14 System Manager’s Guide, Chapter 2 – Planning Your System A6-506000-642-07 Release 2.0...
  • Page 25: Setting Up Your System

    HAPTER Xen Alpha Release 2.0 ECTIO N As part of installation, your technician sets up Xen Alpha Voice Mail to work with your NDERSTANDING telephone system and to meet the needs of your organisation. After installation, ask YSTEM your technician to complete the Setup Information Record. This record lists the settings ETUP that customise Xen Alpha Voice Mail to work with your telephone system configuration.
  • Page 26: Getting Started

    ID 255. Your message can be similar to the following: "Welcome to the Xen Alpha Voice Mail system! Now that your mailbox is open, please spend a few minutes reading the Xen Alpha Voice Mail User Guide, which introduces you to the new system.
  • Page 27: Recording Your Opening Greeting

    ECTIO N Callers hear the opening greeting when their call is answered by the Xen Alpha Voice ECORDING Mail automated attendant. Xen Alpha Voice Mail plays the appropriate greeting during PENING business hours, after business hours, and for holidays. REETING The system manager’s conversation prompts you to record both a day greeting and a...
  • Page 28: Setting Up Your System Schedule

    ECTIO N The system schedule determines whether your system is in day mode or night mode, ETTING which opening greeting and operator greeting callers hear, and how callers are routed. YSTEM CHEDULE You turn holiday mode on and off manually through the opening greeting question in the system manager’s conversation.
  • Page 29: Setting Your Operator's Extension And Mailbox

    6.1. Operator Mailbox Greetings Callers who are transferred to the Operator mailbox hear either a day greeting or night greeting, depending on which schedule is active. Xen Alpha Voice Mail includes prerecorded operator greetings for both day mode and night mode. You can re-record these greetings to suit your organisation’s needs.
  • Page 30 Fax notification can only be used if the fax machine is connected to a telephone extension using a single line telephone adapter (SLT Adapter) or an APR-U10 Unit. Fax routing and notification cannot be used when the fax machine is connected to the FAX CO Branch port of the switch.
  • Page 31: Changing The System Manager's Password

    ECTIO N With the system manager’s password, you can access the system manager’s HANGING THE conversation to set up and maintain Xen Alpha Voice Mail. YSTEM ’ ANAGER ASSWORD For increased security, change the system manager password regularly. Use the system manager’s conversation to change the system manager’s password to a...
  • Page 32: Becoming Familiar With The System

    AMILIAR that you are familiar with Xen Alpha Voice Mail’s capabilities. The instructions in the YSTEM Xen Alpha Voice Mail User Guide will also help you make the best use of your own voice mailbox. Refer to: Training Users on page -23 Page 22 System Manager’s Guide, Chapter 3 –...
  • Page 33: Training Users

    Setup Information Record that your technician completes. ✆ Distribute the Xen Alpha Voice Mail User Guide to all users. Encourage users to follow the steps in the Xen Alpha Voice Mail User Guide to set up their new voice mailboxes right away. ✆...
  • Page 34: Conducting User Training

    Tell subscribers how to reach Xen Alpha Voice Mail when they are outside the office. Send a voice message to all users giving them Xen Alpha Voice Mail’s telephone number. Also give this number to customers and vendors who call your company often—they appreciate being able to reach frequently called extensions directly.
  • Page 35 ✆ The subscriber can review or cancel the message after sending it. ✆ The system identifies who sent the message. ✆ The recipient can respond to the message without entering any digits. If your organisation uses automatic subscriber log-in, subscribers can access their mailboxes without entering a personal ID, and then leave a subscriber-to- subscriber message.
  • Page 36: Training The Operator

    1. Press the transfer key. 2. Dial 50. 3. When Xen Alpha Voice Mail answers, dial the mailbox number you want and then press 2 to place the caller directly into the voice mailbox (instead of transferring the call to the subscriber’s extension).
  • Page 37 4. Hang up to complete the call transfer. To transfer an external caller to a voice mailbox on systems using easy message access: 1. Press the transfer key. 2. Dial 50 to access the voice messaging system. You are placed in your voice mailbox.
  • Page 38 This page is intentionally blank. Page 28 System Manager’s Guide, Chapter 4 – Training Users A6-506000-642-07 Release 2.0...
  • Page 39: Maintaining Your System

    HAPTER Xen Alpha Release 2.0 ECTIO N Once you have set up Xen Alpha Voice Mail and have become familiar with it, you need NGOING no more than a few minutes each week to perform all the maintenance. AINTENANCE ✆...
  • Page 40: Creating A Special Opening Greeting For Holidays

    Access the system manager’s conversation. Select action 5, as prompted, to change greetings. Press 1 for Yes, when prompted, to put Xen Alpha Voice Mail in holiday mode. Record the holiday greeting Send a message to yourself as a reminder to turn off holiday mode on the next business day.
  • Page 41: Change Extension For Operator Mailbox Or Fax Machine

    ECTIO N The operator settings option of the system manager’s conversation allows you to: HANGE XTENSION ✆ Change the extension for the operator if you need to reassign operator duties PERATOR temporarily or permanently. AILBOX ACHINE Accumulated messages in the Operator mailbox can cause a reduction in recording space.
  • Page 42: Adding And Deleting Voice Mailboxes

    Each extension on your telephone AILBOXES system can have a corresponding voice mailbox. Xen Alpha Voice Mail can support up to 20 voice mailboxes. The mailbox maintenance option of the system manager’s conversation allows you to: ✆...
  • Page 43: Message Groups

    IDs have the same first three letters, Xen Alpha Voice Mail will ask you which one you wish to send your message to.The system comes pre-set with a special ALL group, automatically set up and consisting of all subscribers.
  • Page 44: Monitoring System Status

    When the system has less than 15 minutes of recording time available, Xen Alpha Voice Mail warns subscribers when they log in to delete unnecessary messages. When the system has less than 8 minutes of the recording time available, Xen Alpha Voice Mail does three things: ✆...
  • Page 45: Expanding Your System With Call Routing

    3. 1.1. Why Use Call Routing? Call routing lets you customise your Xen Alpha voice messaging system to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Some of the ways you might use call routing include: ✆...
  • Page 46: Evaluating Your Needs

    ECTIO N Before you set up call routing, diagram how you want call routing to work for your voice VALUATING messaging system. For example, calls to the Omni Company have been increasing, EEDS and the system manager wants the voice messaging system to route the calls. Most callers want to place an order, ask for directions, or ask about available products and services.
  • Page 47: Planning Call Routing

    ECTIO N Use the Call Routing Planning Worksheet to record call-routing key assignments and LANNING draft the opening and call-routing box greetings that you will record when you set up OUTING call routing for your voice messaging system. You can also use the worksheet to plot the system’s default action when a caller enters an invalid call-routing key or does not press a key after hearing a greeting.
  • Page 48 Call Routing Planning Worksheet OPENING GREETING Day greeting: Night greeting: Default action Call-routing key assignments (note extension or call-routing box Night number) Take message Take message Say good-bye Say good-bye Disconnect Disconnect Restart conversation Restart conversation 0= operator Operator Operator Route to extension: ________ Route to extension: ________ CALL-ROUTING BOX...
  • Page 49: Assigning Call Routing Keys

    ECTIO N You can use touch-tone keys one through nine (1-9) as call-routing keys for the SSIGNING opening greeting and for any call-routing box you choose to include. Do not use zero OUTING (0) as a call-routing key. It should be reserved for routing callers to the operator. You can assign a call-routing key to route to a subscriber’s extension or to a call- routing box.
  • Page 50: Changing Default Actions

    ECTIO N After the opening greeting or a call-routing box greeting is played, the system HANGING automatically routes to the operator daytime callers who enter an invalid call-routing EFAULT key or who do not press any key. At night, the system prompts such callers to leave CTIONS a message.
  • Page 51: Recording New Greetings

    ECTIO N Callers learn about the call-routing options available to them through the opening ECORDING greeting and call-routing box greetings. Once you have set up call routing for your REETINGS system, you will need to record the following greetings: ✆ A day greeting for each call-routing box that callers reach by using a call- routing key.
  • Page 52: Testing Call Routing

    ECTIO N Testing ensures that every call-routing key, greeting, and default action works correctly. ESTING Beginning with the opening greeting, you can test all of the call-routing options OUTING available to callers using the following method: Call in as an external caller. The system manager poses as an external caller to test all paths available from each call-routing greeting.