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Understanding The Help System On Your Phone; Understanding Lines Vs. Calls; Understanding Line And Call Icons - Cisco 7961G Phone Manual

Cisco unified ip phones
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If you want to...
Open or close a feature
Scroll through a list or
Go back one level in a
feature menu
Switch among open
feature menus

Understanding the Help System on Your Phone

Your Cisco Unified IP Phone provides a comprehensive online help system. Help topics appear on the
phone screen. See the following table for details.
If you want to...
View the main menu
Learn about a button
or softkey
Learn about a menu
Get help using Help

Understanding Lines vs. Calls

To avoid confusion about lines and calls, refer to these descriptions:
Lines—Each line corresponds to a phone number (or extension) that others can use to call you. The
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G supports one to six lines and the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G
supports one to two lines, depending on configuration. To see how many lines you have, look at the
right side of your phone screen. You have as many lines as you have directory numbers and phone
line icons:
Calls—Each line can support multiple calls. By default, your phone supports four connected calls per
line. Only one call can be active at any time; other calls are automatically placed on hold.

Understanding Line and Call Icons

Your phone displays icons to help you determine the call and line state.
Press a feature button: Messages, Directories, Settings, Help
Press the Navigation button.
Press Exit. Pressing Exit from the top level of a menu closes the menu.
Press a feature button. Each feature menu has a corresponding tab.
The tab is visible when the feature menu is open.
on your phone and wait a few seconds for the menu to display.
Main menu topics include:
• About Your Cisco Unified IP Phone—Details about your phone
• How do I...?—Procedures for common phone tasks
• Calling Features—Descriptions and procedures for calling features
• Help—Tips on using and accessing Help
, then quickly press a button or softkey.
Press Settings or Directories to display a feature menu. Highlight a menu
item, then press
twice quickly.
. Choose Help from the main menu.



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