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Pans - Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions

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Min. base diameter
Pots / pans = 15 cm
Max. rim diameter
Pots / pans = 28 cm
– Use the correct sized pans for your
appliance. A pan which is too small
will be unstable on the pan support.
If the pan diameter is too large,
flames can spread out to the sides
and damage or burn the worktop,
wall claddings or surrounding units
and also parts of the cooktop. Miele
will not accept liability for any
damage resulting from such
incorrect use.
– Remember when purchasing new
pans that manufacturers usually refer
to the diameter at the top of the pan
in their documentation.
– Any heat-resistant pans can be used
on a gas burner.
– Pans with thick bases are preferable
as these distribute heat more evenly.
With thin bases, there is a danger of
food overheating in places. Stir the
food frequently.
– The pan support supplied with the
appliance must always be used.
Never place a pan on the burner
– Position the pan centrally on the pan
support so that it sits securely and
cannot tip up. A little movement is
quite normal and not a cause for
– Do not use pots or pans with base
Wok ring
Use the wok ring supplied to give
additional stability, especially to woks
with a rounded base.
Make sure that the wok ring is located
securely in its correct position. See
Woks: Woks have a small base
diameter and large top diameter,
generally between 35 - 40 cm.