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Burner - Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions

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Do not clean any parts of the burner
in a dishwasher.
The burner should be dismantled and
then cleaned by hand using a solution
of warm water and a little washing-up
liquid applied with a soft sponge.
Parts of the burner that cannot be
removed should be wiped clean with a
damp cloth only.
The ignitor and ignition safety device
should be very carefully wiped clean
using a well wrung out cloth.
Do not let the ignitor get wet. If it gets
wet, it will not spark.
After cleaning, dry all surfaces with a
clean cloth.
Make sure that the flame slits are clean
and completely dry.
The surfaces of the two burner caps
will become more matt with time. This
is quite normal and will not affect the
operation of the cooktop.
Cleaning and care
Reassemble the burner
After cleaning the burner, it must be
reassembled in the correct order.
^ Place burner head j onto burner
base m so that the the ignition safety
device k and the ignitor l extend
through their respective holes in the
burner head.
The lobe a on the burner cap must
fit into the recess b on the burner
The pin c on the burner head must
fit into the recess d on the burner
^ Place burner ring i in position.
^ Then place burner caps g and h in