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Changing The Jets; To Change The Main Jet - Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions

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Changing the jets

Disconnect the gas cooktop from
the electricity supply by switching
off at the socket and withdrawing the
plug or by disconnecting the mains
fuse. Also turned off the gas supply.
To change the jets, the burner securing
screws must first be loosened and the
upper section of the appliance

To change the main jet

^ Remove burner caps gh, burner
ring i and burner head j.
^ Pull the control knob off.
^ Unscrew the screws n.
Conversion to another type of gas
^ Lift the top of the appliance off. Take
care that the lighting unit a
underneath the top of the appliance
is not pulled out. Press both of the
snap-in hooks b to release the
lighting unit.
^ Unscrew the main jet anti-clockwise
from its housing with an SW 10
spanner while counterholding it with
an SW 13 spanner (see picture).
^ Screw in the new main jet, once
again using the spanner to
counterhold the jet housing.