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Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions page 13

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Pans must be the correct size for the
burner they are used on (see "Pans"). A
pan which is too small will be unstable
on the pan support. If the pan diameter
is too large, flames can spread out to
the sides and damage or burn the
worktop, wall claddings or surrounding
units and also parts of the cooktop.
Miele will not accept liability for any
damage resulting from such incorrect
Ensure that the flames from the
burner do not spread out beyond the
base and up the sides of the pan.
Unless the pan manufacturer states
that you can do so, do not use pans
with very thin bases on this cooktop,
and never heat up empty pans as they
could get damaged. This could also
damage the appliance.
The pan support supplied with the
appliance must always be used. Never
place a pan on the burner itself.
Do not spray aerosols in the vicinity
of this appliance while it is in operation.
Remove splashes of fat and other
food debris from the surface as soon as
possible. These are a fire hazard.
Replace the pan supports carefully
to avoid scratching the surface of the
Warning and safety instructions
Using the gas cooktop will cause a
build-up of heat and moisture in the
room in which it is installed. Ensure that
the room has sufficient natural or
mechanical means of ventilation, e.g. a
If the cooktop is used for very long
periods of time, additional ventilation of
the room may be necessary, e.g. by
opening windows or doors, or running
the rangehood on the highest setting.
When using an electrical appliance,
e.g. a hand-held mixer, near the gas
cooktop, ensure that the connection
cable doesn't come into contact with
the hot cooktop. The insulation on the
cable could become damaged, giving
rise to an electric shock hazard.
Do not use or store flammable
materials in the appliance storage
drawer or near this appliance. Cutlery
inserts must be heat-resistant.