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Safety Instructions For Installation - Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions

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Fit wall units and rangehood before
fitting the cooktop to avoid
damaging the surface.
This appliance must not be
connected to a gas flue. It must be
installed and connected in accordance
with current installation regulations.
The room in which the gas cooktop
is installed must be at least 20 m
size with a door or window in it which
can be opened to the outside air.
The veneer or laminate coatings of
worktops (or adjacent kitchen units)
must be treated with 100 °C
heat-resistant adhesive which will not
dissolve or distort.
Any backmoulds must be of
heat-resistant material.
An electric fryer must not be
installed directly next to a gas cooktop,
as the gas flames could ignite the fat in
the fryer. It is essential to maintain a
distance of at least 288 mm between
these two appliances.
A gas cooktop must not be built in
over a fridge, fridge freezer, freezer,
dishwasher, washing machine or
tumble dryer.
It can be installed above an oven.
The worktop must be at least 40 mm
Ensure that the gas pipe and
electrical cable are installed in such a
way that they do not touch any parts of
the appliance which become hot. This
could cause damage.

Safety instructions for installation

The electrical cable and any flexible
gas connection pipes must be installed
in such a way so that they do not come
into contact with any moving kitchen
parts (e.g. a drawer), and cannot
become trapped.
This appliance must not be installed
and used in mobile installations such as
ships etc.
Observe carefully the safety
distances given on the following pages.
All dimensions in this instruction booklet
are given in mm.
This appliance must be installed
and connected to services in
accordance with local and national
safety and building regulations.