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To Change The Small Jets - Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions

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Checking the first intake of air
a Retaining screw
b Air intake sleeve
Gap X must measure:
For natural gas: 13 mm
For liquid gas:
To set gap x
^ Loosen the retaining screw a and
slide the air intake sleeve b. Then
screw the retaining screw back on.
Conversion to another type of gas
13 mm

To change the small jets

a Small diameter jet
(e.g. for liquid gas: 0.25)
b Large diameter jet
(e.g. for liquid gas: 0.68)
^ Using a small screwdriver, unscrew
the two small jets a and b in the gas
^ Remove the jet using pointed pliers.
^ Fit the correct jets securely (see jet
^ Secure the jets against inadvertent
loosening with sealing wax.