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Before Using For The First Time - Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions

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Before using for the first time

Please place the extra data plate on a
surface near the cooktop, such as the
cupboard door, if the labels on the
base of the cooktop are not visible after
If the labels on the base of the cooktop
are visible after installation, the
additional data plate label can be
placed in the space provided in the
"After sales service" section of this
Cleaning for the first time
^ Remove any protective foil and
adhesive labels.
^ Clean all removable parts of the
burner with a solution of warm water
and a small amount of washing-up
liquid applied with a soft sponge. Dry
all parts thoroughly after cleaning
and then reassemble the burner (see
"Cleaning and care - burner").
^ Clean the stainless steel trough with
a damp cloth, and then wipe dry.
Metal components have a protective
coating which may give off a slight
smell when heated up for the first
The smell and any vapours will
dissipate after a short time, and do
not indicate a faulty connection or