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Gas Connection - Miele CS 1011 G Operating And Installation Instructions

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Gas connection

Connection to the gas supply, or
conversion from one type of gas to
another should only be undertaken
by an approved gas fitter, who is
responsible for correct functioning of
the appliance when installed. Every
appliance should have its own
isolating valve.
The gas connection must be
installed so that connection can be
made either from inside or outside
the kitchen unit, and the isolating
valve must be easily accessible and
visible (by opening one of the
kitchen unit doors, if necessary).
Check with your local gas supplier
about the type of gas and its
calorific value, and compare this
information with the type of gas
quoted on the appliance data plate.
This appliance is set up for connection
to natural gas.
See adhesive label on the appliance:
G = NG (natural gas)
LP = ULPG (Propane/Butane)
Jets are supplied for conversion to
ULPG (Propane/Butane) gas.
If the appropriate jets have not been
supplied with the appliance, you will
need to contact Miele.
Conversion to another type of gas is
described under the relevant section.