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Operation Instructions; Before Using The Water Heater - Bosch TRONIC 6000C WH17 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

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16 | Operation instructions

For example, calculations for desired outlet temperature of
125F and supply voltage of 240VAC. Please look at Table 5
for derates of various supply voltages:
For the WH17 unit, using the inlet valve, ensure the flow
rate does not exceed 1.7 gallons/minute.
For the WH27 unit, using the inlet valve, ensure the flow
rate does not exceed 2.6 gallons/minute.
These figures are based on an inlet water temperature of 55 °F
and a supply voltage of 240 volts. If the inlet water temperature
is lower than 55 °F, or if the supply voltage is less than 240
volts, then the outlet temperature will be lower than what is
shown in Fig. 11. If a higher outlet water temperature is
desired, then reduce the flow rate and/or supply the unit with
240 volts. Please review Table 5 for derate percentage for
supply voltage of 208VAC and 220VAC.
Before leaving the site, the installer should
demonstrate the unit to the user and give
them this manual.
American units:
95 °F (Degrees,
Metric units:
35 °C (Degrees,
Table 8
Appliance Display of Units
Fig. 12
Display DIP Switch
[1] Metric units °C & liters per min
[2] Display Temp
[3] American units °F & GPM
[4] Display Flow
The temperature output will be reduced if the
voltage is lower than 240 volts and you may
not achieve the desired output temperature.
6 720 646 951 (2015/04)
▶ Check that the power is switched on at the circuit breaker
▶ Turn on the hot water faucet FULLY.
1.5G (GPM flow
5.7L (L/min flow
Operation instructions

Before using the water heater

▶ Do not use the unit if you think it may be
frozen, as this could result in serious
damage to the unit. Wait until you are
sure that it has completely thawed out
before you switch it on.
The hot water temperature can be changed
by adjusting the heater set-point
temperature dial on the front of the unit.
(The dial adjusts the temperature typically
between 95°F and 131°F, as displayed in the
display screen. The factory sets the
temperature dial at the lowest position).
If the unit has been used recently, run the water through for
a few seconds to let the temperature cool down. You may
initially get a short burst of very hot water that was in the
plumbing lines from previous use.
If a second outlet connected to the unit is also turned on,
the hot water will be shared between the two.
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