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AEG AR 4023 DVD Instruction Manual page 33

3”/7.6 cm car radio with dvd/usb/card reader
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Overview of the main menu
• General Settings (1)
• Language settings (2)
• Video settings (3)
• Speaker settings (4)
• Digital settings (5)
Some of the menu settings can only be selected in stop
mode (depending on the DVD).
General Settings
Match the output of the DVD-Player to the colour trans-
fer system of your replay device. The following options are
• PAL: A system commonly used in Europe.
• AUTO: Select this setting if your replay device is a mul-
tisystem unit.
• NTSC: A system primarily used in North America.
By pressing the BND/SYS (Fig. 1/23) you can also switch
between the options.
Auto Play
If the function is activated the DVD Menu is skipped and
the playback of the main movie begins automatically.
TV Type
Here you can adapt the output of the DVD-Player to the
TV aspect.
Concerning the background: If you do not have a wide
screen TV the TV-aspect will be 4:3. However, most feature
films have an aspect of 16:9, the image is therefore too
wide for the TV screen.
Here you can specify how the replay of the film is to be
adapted to the replay device:
• 4:3/PS: You will only see the middle section of the
film. The borders will be cut off ("Pan-Scan").
• 4:3/LB: You will see the complete width of the film.
The film is thus reduced in size, whereby black bars
appear below and above the film ("Letter-Box").
• 16:9: Select this option if you use a wide screen TV for
replay. Please note that films, that have been recorded
with TV-aspect 4:3 can still be replayed using aspect 4:3.
This means, that replaying this film will not require the
complete wide screen area of the television.
The setting "4:3/PS" is not supported by all DVDs.
If you want to operate the DVD-Player with a child
protection system, you must first enter a password. This
password safeguards the settings for the child protection
system, so that it can only be changed by yourself.
In order to change the password, you must first enter the
current password. The master password is "0000".
If you forgot your password, you can deactivate the
child protection system with this password.
Proceed as follows to change the password:
1. Enter the present password in the "Password", line
with the numerical buttons (Fig. 1/11) of the remote
control. To prevent the password from being read by
unauthorized persons only the characters "XXXX" will
appear on the screen. Confirm your entry with the
ENTER button (Fig. 1/22).
2. Now enter your new password in the row "Password".
Confirm your entry with the ENTER button (Fig. 1/22).

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