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About The Dvd-Player - AEG AR 4023 DVD Instruction Manual

3”/7.6 cm car radio with dvd/usb/card reader
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Playing back Music in MP3 Format
With this device it is possible to play back pieces
of music in MP3 format. The device also supports
all standard CD types: CD, CD-RW, CD-R.
This machine of is able to play MP3 CDs. Up to
200 tracks can be compressed and stored on these
CDs. Your machine detects an MP3 CD automati-
cally (MP3 appears in the display).
Please note:
There are a number of different recording and
compression methods, as well as quality differ-
ences between CDs/DVDs and self-recorded CDs/
Furthermore, the music industry does not adhere
to fixed standards (copy protection).
For these reasons it is possible that in rare cases
there are problems with the playback of CDs/
DVDs and MP3 CDs. This is not a malfunction of
the device.
Press this button to stop playback.
3OSD button
Press this button to switch the display.
4RPT button
Activates the repeat function. Select the required
repeat mode by repeatedly pressing the button.
5RDM button
The DVD, MP3/CD tracks are played at random.
Press this button again to cancel this function.
6SUB-T button
For changing the subtitle language in DVD-Mode
(if available).
14 RESET (Reset)
See Section "Operating Instructions" point 2 on page
Eject Button
Press this button to eject the CD/DVD.
16 CD/DVD Slit
Insert the CD/DVD with the labelled side facing
upwards gently into the CD/DVD slot until the device
draws in the CD/DVD automatically.
Only 12 cm discs can be played with this device!
17 SD/MMC Card Slot
If you want to play data of a SD/MMC Card, plug it
into the slot provided until you hear a click. The side
with the contacts must face to the right. The word
READ CARD appears in the display.
The data are automatically played back.
Press down the SD/MMC Card again to remove it.
• Should the memory card not be automatically
selected press the MODE button again.
• To select a specific track navigate using the
cursor buttons in the File menu and select the
track with ENTER.
18 USB Connection
If you would like to play back data contained on a
USB stick, please insert the stick into the opening
provided. e word READ USB appears in the display. The
data is played back automatically.
• Should the USB storage device not be automati-
cally selected press the MODE button again.
• To
select a specific track navigate using the
cursor buttons in the File menu and select the
track with ENTER.
• Please note: The USB connection is only designed
for playing back data from storage devices and
not for charging from other external devices (e.g.
Smartphones). Only a low power (100 mA) power
supply can be guaranteed. This USB connection
is not designed for the use of e.g. external 2.5"
hard drives, which may have starting currents of
up to 1100 mA.
Please connect your Smartphone or iPod or rather
iPhone to the according AUX-IN port for the play-
back of your music files.

About the DVD-Player

With this DVD-Player you can play a vast variety of DVD-
"Technical data".
However, you must be aware that in many cases DVDs are
encrypted with a so-called "Regional Code". This speci-
fies for which region in the world the DVD is intended.
As an example, the DVDs marked with regional code "1"
are intended for the USA and Canada. DVDs with regional
code "2" are for use in Europe.
With your DVD-Player you can only play DVDs with
regional code "2". There are both lots of burning and
compressing methods as well as high quality differences
in (burned) CDs/DVDs. Moreover, the music industry has
not yet agreed on a fixed standard for copy protection.
This may, in very isolated cases, result in problems when
relaying CDs, DVDs and MP3 CDs. This is no malfunction
of the player.

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